You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5

You touched my heart Season 2 Part 5

    Anjali:Shyamji is on enterprise tour.So even he’s not there to assist us.We are scared Khushiji. Khushi burst into tears:Because of me Arnavji is lacking. Khushi ran out. Anjali and Devayani :Khushiji…. D:Anjali bitiya…I’m getting scared.At night time Khushi bitiya ran out alone. Anj:Even I’m scared nani.   You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5   Khushi wandered across the road madly shedding tears. Some goons adopted her.She ran in worry.Suddenly a automobile stopped in entrance of her.The goons ran away. Aman got here out of the automobile. Ok:Amanji! Am:Khushiji…at night time…you…right here? Khushi cried:Arnavji ran away from dwelling.I’m looking for him. Am:Don’t fear.ASR is with me within the automobile. Khushi was stunned.She opened the door and noticed Arnav sleeping within the automobile. She was very blissful:Arnavji! Am:Unexpectedly I noticed ASR roaming round crying calling out your identify.”Khushi,the place are you?” I caught him.He fainted because of stress.I positioned him in my automobile.I used to be on the best way to the Raizada Mansion. Ok:Thank you a lot Amanji.I had misplaced my life. Suddenly Arnav opened his eyes. Arn:Khushi! Ok:Arnavji! You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5 He held her hand. Arn:Where did you go leaving me?I used to be scared not seeing you round me. Ok:Sorry Arnavji. Arn:Promise me that you just received’t go away me alone and go. Ok:Promise.Now onwards I received’t exit with out taking you. Aman smiled seeing their harmless love. Arnav-Khushi sat on the again seat.Aman dropped them dwelling. Seeing them collectively Devayani and Anjali had been relieved.They ran in the direction of Arnav and hugged him emotionally. Anj:Chotte… Deva:Don’t run away like this chotte. Arn:Sorry.I went to seek for Khushi.I can’t keep with out Khushi. Khushi checked out Arnav emotionally. She thought:Arnavji…how can you love me this a lot? Aman:Khushiji… Khushi checked out Aman. Aman gave her the handle of Sheetal. Am:Finally I came upon the place Sheetal is staying. Ok:Thanks quite a bit Amanji.You did an amazing favour. Am:Anything for ASR. You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5 Khushi went to the kitchen to drink water. Suddenly she awoke listening to Arnav screaming.She ran to him:Arnavji! He held her hand:Khushi…why did you allow me and go? Ok:No.Arnavji…I’m right here solely. Arn:But I noticed you leaving me. Ok:No Arnavji.I feel in your dream I left you.It’s solely a nasty dream. Arn:Please don’t go away me alone Khushi.Without you I really feel scared. Khushi felt upset.She held his hand:No Arnavji…I’ll at all times be with you.Now you sleep. Arn:Please sleep close to me Khushi. Ok:Ok. He lay down closing his eyes.She lay subsequent to him.Unexpectedly he embraced her murmering :My Rajkumari Khushi… She felt her heart beats..Dhak dhak…dhak dhak… Unknowingly she embraced him again emotionally.Arnav opened his eyes and smiled cutely:Feeling good while you hug me Khushi. Khushi got here again to her senses and felt embarrassed. Arn:Please don’t take your arms off Khushi.I will likely be afraid. Ok:Sleep Arnavji.I received’t take my arms off. He closed his eyes smiling.She saved him.   Rabba ve….rabba…O…rabba ve….   Slowly she fell into sleep. You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5 In the morning she opened her eyes when solar rays fell on her face.She noticed her and Arnav holding arms collectively.She was numb for a second. Ok:Hey devi maiyya…why am I feeling totally different with Arnavji today?Please defend us. Slowly she eliminated her arms from him You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5 and went to tub.While bathing she smiled pondering of their cute embrace.     Khushi saved a brand new shirt on the mattress. Ok:Arnavji..we’re going out.Wear this shirt. He regarded a the shirt. A:Is it a brand new shirt? Ok:Yes.Why?You didn’t prefer it? You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5 Anjali-Devayani handed by. Arn:I cherished it.I like what ever you carry for me. Khushi was very blissful.Anjali and Devayani smiled. Khushi got here and informed others:I’m taking Arnavji out. Anjali:Khushiji…the place are you going? Ok:To the park.Sameera will come there. All had been shocked. Shyam:Are you mad Khushiji?Why are you bringing Sameera again to Saale saab’s life? Ok:What if Sameera’s presense helps Arnavji to get his reminiscence again?I’ve hope. Shya:If Saale saab and Sameera develop into shut once more? Ok:I feel their friendship will solely assist us to remedy Arnavji. Shy:Khushiji,it’s not that simple as you assume.We all need Saale saab to be alright like earlier than,however not by means of that Sameera who’s liable for his current stage. Ok:Shyamji…I perceive that Sameera was liable for Arnavji’s current stage.But she didn’t do it purposefully and anybody in her place would have finished the identical factor.Now Sameera repents and she or he is keen to assist us to remedy Arnavji. Shya:But Khushiji…When Saale saab will get cured if he finds Sameera close to him,what if he will get near her once more?Did you perceive what I mentioned Khushiji? Khushi turned upset. Shyam checked out Anjali:Rani Saheba…make her perceive. Anjali:Yes Khushiji…chotte ought to discover solely you close to him when he turns into regular,not Sameera.If he finds Sameera round him at all times he would possibly get indifferent from you. You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5 Khushi’s heart was pierced. Devayani:You are chotte’s spouse Khushi bitya.Only you could have proper on him. Khushi turned emotional. Ok:If Arnavji’s happiness is Sameera I don’t thoughts strolling out of his life. They had been shocked. Khushi went inside. Anjali checked out Shyam:Shyamji,Khushiji…how can she be too good? Shy:I don’t know something Rani saheba.I simply hope the whole lot goes effectively.     Khushi took Arnav to the park.Sameera was ready there.Sameera smiled seeing them.Arnav was excited to see Sameera. Arn:Hi Sameera! Sameera shook his arms:Hi Arnav. Arn:Shall we three play? Sam:Why not?I’ve been ready to play with you. You touched my heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 5 Ok:You each play.I’m not going to play. Arn:Khushi,please play with us.It’s going to be actual enjoyable. (*5*)   Sam:Please play with us.I’ve organized setting for basket ball sport.Arnav loves taking part in basket ball. Ok:Basket ball?I’m not good at basket ball. Sam:But strive Khushi. Ok:Ok. Arnav turned blissful. Arnav,Khushi and Sameera performed basket ball. (*2*) Arnav acquired drained and rested his head on Khushi’s lap.Khushi caressed his head.Sameera acquired jealous. Ok:Sameera…I acquired Sheetal’s handle from Amanji. Sam:What? Ok:We will go there tomorrow. Sam:I can’t wait Khushi.I need to see that girl who snatched Arnav from me. Khushi stared at her.Sameera was embarrassed as she realized she was speaking an excessive amount of concerning the intimacy she had with Arnav not directly.

Ok:Do you continue to love Arnav?

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