Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu gets excited for pre wedding shoot

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu asking Manjiri not to take stress. She goes to Abhi. He says I m angry. She says such little things happen in family. He says don’t say this, no one told me anything, if anything happened to mum then… She says we reached on time. He says don’t get too mad, else Harsh won’t let me marry you. She says I m really hungry, lets eat. He says sorry, sit. He feeds her the kheer. She says I m feeling good now. He eats the kheer and likes it a lot. Suwarna says I m scared, Akshu is going to Birlas as bahu, will she handle everything. Manish asks her to trust their values, people are just different a bit, Akshu will give them love, Abhi will take care of her. Mahima says Akshu is the reason for all the problems, I won’t have any value if she comes in this house. Akshu feeds the kheer to Abhi. She says I got late, I will go now. He holds her hand and sings Aaj jaane ki zidh na karo… He asks for a kissy, not a kiss. She asks what’s the difference in this. He kisses on her cheek. Jaaniye….plays…. She kisses him too. Neil comes and says listen… Abhi says I m going to get married, knock and come. Neil says you should get habitual to lock. He asks Akshu to explain Abhi, he always scolds him. Akshu says don’t dare to scold my Devar.

She asks Neil to drop her home. Abhi says drop her safely. Neil and Akshu leave. Abhi says Akshu is so lovely, I will also make a good rapport with her family. He names everyone. He says I can’t have a rapport with Aarohi. Mahima asks Manjiri to have juice. She says I will fix cctv here and monitor from the hospital. Abhi hugs Mahima. Mahima says take care of your mum, ask her to have medicines, check her BP also.

Mahima goes. Manjiri asks him to say sorry to Mahima, learn something from Akshu. He asks her to have the juice. Akshu says Suwarna and Manish aren’t in tension, I m sure that Abhi will handle Mahima. Everyone puts torch lights on Akshu. Vansh says you don’t know what happens before marriage. Akshu says mehendi, haldi and marriage. They ask her to guess. She says wedding photoshoot, really. They all do the shayari. Aarohi looks on. Akshu says I don’t know Abhi has time or not. They ask her to call Abhi. They joke. They tease Akshu. She smiles. Vansh says send Naira’s pics to Reem, her pre wedding shoot was amazing. Suwarna says yes, she was also tensed, then her Nani explained her. She hugs Akshu.

Akshu says sorry, I got to think of mum and dad. Suwarna says we miss them. Manish says we can try to fill their place. Akhilesh says yes, we can arrange everything. Kairav says yes. Akshu says you all are so cute. Manish says yes, you are more cute than us. He hugs her. Aarohi says Harsh is right, everyone doesn’t see anyone other than Akshu, I miss you mom, I want to become like you, winner, fighter, but I have become a loser. Abhi calls Akshu. He says you answered so soon. She says I was going to call you. He asks why, you wanted to say I love you. She says no, I need you, I want you here for the pre wedding shoot. He says I know people act strange, I can’t do all these fake things. She says thanks for bursting my bubble. He asks did you feel bad. She says you have to do this for my sake. He says okay. She says I will ask Vansh about timing and inform. He ends call and says I m a doctor, not an actor. Akshu says if Abhi does anything wrong, then see. Aarohi asks her to go out and talk. She says I m studying. Akshu goes. Aarohi says I care a damn if they all dance or do anything. Anand asks Mahima for a cup of coffee. She argues and says you supported Akshu today. He asks what’s your issue, you are competing with Aarohi and Akshu. She says you don’t face all this, I m seeing the comparison since the day we got married. They argue. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Akshu sees Harsh and recalls whatever happened. She says I m… Anand calls Harsh. Harsh goes. Akshu says Kanha ji saved me. Abhi checks the boy and talks to him. Aarohi comes. Abhi asks her to take care of the patient. Akshu comes. Aarohi thinks everyone says Akshu Akshu…. Akshu says hi sweetheart. The boy says she greeted me. Abhi says we will go to cabin and talk, Akshu. The boy says I will see you. Abhi and Akshu leave. She asks did you apply a face mask at night. Abhi says I have no time to wash my face. Aarohi asks what happened. The boy says you were standing near the dry grass stock near the temple, right. Aarohi worries and says no, which temple. The boy says I went with my mum to feed the cow, I had seen you. Akshu says you got jealous of a kid. Abhi says you meet me and talk to me. The boy says I know it was you, what were you finding there, ask my mum if you want. Abhi and Akshu come back.

Abhi and Akshu have a pre wedding shoot. Akshu introduces her to the boy. The boy says your sister was finding something at the accident site.

Update Credit to: Amena

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