Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahima and Abhi have an argument

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna asking Akshu to keep a fast for Abhi, and break the fast by eating the kheer that comes from her Sasural. Akshu says I can do anything for him. They all tease her. Aarohi asks her to come for work, if she is done with her romance. Kairav and Manish say Aarohi is strict and serious about her work. Aarohi thinks the accident truth shouldn’t come out. The man says I couldn’t find out anything about the accident. Abhi goes to the window. He sees Aarohi and Akshu coming. He signs Akshu. She smiles. Abhi says check footage and inform me, I will inform you if I know anything. Manjiri says Akshu can’t break her fast until we send her the kheer, can you come and make the kheer. Mahima says I have imp work, ask Parth to make it. Manjiri says Neil and Parth can’t make it, they aren’t letting me go, cook is on leave. Mahima says Goenkas have no work, they have daily rasams. Manjiri says its for Abhi. Mahima says fine, don’t worry, I will see. She goes and asks where did the patient go. The man says another doctor will see him. She goes.

Manjiri says I m very happy, Akshu is going to come home, I wish everyone gets fine, and no problem comes in this marriage. Abhi hears Akshu’s song and smiles. Akshu sings Thodi baarish…. Mahima comes there. She says your music therapy works on some patients, who got my patient here without my permission. She scolds Abhi and Akshu. The man says sorry, I like to hear music here and my pain goes away. Anand comes. Mahima argues with the man. He says you can sit here, if patients like Akshu’s music, then let them stay here. Abhi says patients are benefitting from her music therapy. Anand says yes, keep it up. Mahima asks them to not talk about her patients. Anand says I m your senior doctor, don’t forget, the patient looks happy, you started this music therapy, Akshu will become a Birla bahu, she will also get famous. Aarohi hears this. Mahima goes out and sees Aarohi. Akshu says I should have taken Mahima’s permission. Abhi says we shall have food now. She says I can’t eat, I have a fast. He says really sorry, I forgot the Karwachauth, is it Gangaur. She says no, its Akadashi today, I kept a fast for you, I can’t break the fast until I have the kheer made in my Sasural. Abhi says I will call home and find out, I will also keep a fast with you, I will do as you do. He says guys and girls are equal, girls can also do anything. He calls home. Manjiri answers. He asks where is the staff, why did you answer. She asks him to say. He asks about the kheer. She says cook is on leave, I told Mahima but she maybe busy, I will handle it. Akshu says no, you won’t go in kitchen. Abhi and Akshu leave. He asks Neil not to let Manjiri go to kitchen. Neil says she isn’t listening. Abhi says stop her from going to kitchen, we are reaching. He asks Akshu is she feeling hungry. Akshu says no, I m okay. Neil stops Manjiri. She asks him to get the rice.

Manjiri gets dizzy. Neil rushes to her. Abhi and Akshu come. Abhi holds Manjiri. Neil says she asked me to get the rice. Aarohi comes home. She says Akshu is with Abhi. Suwarna asks did she eat the kheer. Aarohi says ask me about myself, everyone worries for just Akshu. Suwarna says sorry, where is she, tell me. Aarohi says she is with Abhi, don’t worry, he will get kheer for her. Suwarna says I will call him. Abhi scolds Manjiri and Akshu. He makes Manjiri and Akshu sit. Manjiri says Mahima got busy. Akshu takes Suwarna’s call. Suwarna asks did you eat the kheer. Akshu says I have come to meet Manjiri, I will call you later. Abhi says Mahima should have told if she didn’t want to come. Mahima asks what would I say. Abhi says if you came on time, then this would have not happened, you were going to make kheer, mum went in kitchen, she got dizzy, you should have told me if you couldn’t make it. Mahima scolds him. She says I asked Manjiri not to go to kitchen, why did she go, why are Goenkas doing so many rasams. Abhi argue with Mahima. Mahima says rasams are to have joy, not to get tensions in the house, what’s the big deal if kheer is not made, we can’t become like Goenkas, there is daily a rasam, we are professionals, we are doctors first, we don’t know all this. Suwarna and everyone hear this on phone. She cries and says its my fault. Manish says don’t blame yourself. Aarohi thinks there is always a drama and still everyone chants Akshu’s name. Akshu says Mahima is saying right, don’t worry, kheer is ready. She asks Manjiri to touch the kheer and then she will break her fast. Neil praises her. Abhi angrily goes. Akshu takes Manjiri’s blessings. Mahima leaves.

Abhi asks Aarohi to treat the patient. The boy says you were standing near the temple, I went to feed the cow, I had seen you there, ask my mum if you want. She worries seeing Akshu and Abhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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