Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi learns the accident truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahima looking for Abhi. Abhi doesn’t see the letter. Neil comes and takes him. Kumar Sanu says I got much love from you all. Manish asks him to stay back and sing another song. They all ask for one more song. Kumar Sanu agrees. The man thinks how shall I go and disturb Abhi. He gets a message and says I have to tell this to him. Kumar Sanu sings Tere ghar aaya…. Abhi and Akshu dance with the family members. Kumar Sanu asks them to continue the fun. He leaves.

Abhi meets the private investigator. He sees the video of the accident. The man says we could just clear this part, we told you about two people in the car, this is the plate number, we can find out whose car is it. Abhi asks didn’t you find out. The man says I did, its Goenka, Aarohi Goenka. Abhi gets shocked and sees Aarohi. He sees the car parked there with the same number plate. He asks what name did you say. The man says Aarohi Goenka. Abhi asks are you sure. The man says yes, we cleared the cctv footage, we got to know that two girls were there in the car. Abhi gets shocked. The man leaves.

Abhi thinks of Akshu…. no, she has hid this from me. Akshu looks for him. He thinks no, she can’t do this. He leaves. Akshu waits for him. Abhi runs on the road and thinks accident happened, Akshu can’t do this. He gets angry seeing his engagement ring. He falls down. Neil says don’t take stress, he will come in some time. Akshu says I m feeling scared. Neil says that your happiness can get snatched, its quite normal, relax, he will come. Abhi runs and recalls Akshu and Harsh’s words. He falls down on some sharp edge. Akshu drops the glasses tray. Everyone worries for her. Vansh asks are you fine. Kairav asks are you hurt. Manish says sorry for these glasses. Suwarna says I think Akshu is tired, we should go.

They think where is Abhi. Harsh says there is no emergency in the hospital. He calls Kumar Sanu’s manager and says no, he is not with them. Parth says I think Abhi has gone to see Sethi uncle. Manjiri says Abhi loves him a lot since childhood. Kairav says we should accept that Abhi can become Mr. India anytime, he is a doctor. Parth says he had no one to ask him to come home early, don’t worry Akshu. Akshu smiles. Suwarna says we shall leave now. Akshu thinks Abhi is so understanding, he didn’t make any issue of the matter. Abhi is lying unconscious.

Everyone comes home and gets tired. Akshu dances. Vansh says we are so tired. Akshu says you all got tired so soon, we are girls’ family, you should enjoy the functions, prepare for the next function. Vansh asks what. Kairav says mehendi. She says we have to decide everything. Aarohi says everything is sorted. They ask what tension did you have. Aarohi say we weren’t finding Abhi. Suwarna says you always confuse us. Aarohi says it was a slip of the tongue. Akshu says its because of guilt, Abhi and I love each other, you go and sleep. She says I m feeling bored, what shall I do.

Abhi is in some jungle area. He recalls Akshu’s words and starts doing tandav. He hits a tree and shouts. He opens eyes and gets angered. Akshu dances around Abhi’s cut out pic. Everyone dances with her. Abhi sees the grass and recalls Akshu’s words. He cries and thinks why did she hide it from me till now, I want an answer. Abhi messages Akshu to come and meet him. Aarohi asks did he plan a surprise for you. Akshu says we are marrying in two days. She leaves from the house. She thinks to show the mehendi designs to Abhi and make him finalize it. She comes to the location sent by him. She sees Abhi.

Abhi pushes Akshu and says a lie is like a tumour, that ruins a relation. Akshu cries and says don’t punish me, listen to me. He leaves. He messages her. She reads… Abhi has broken the marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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