Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan confronts Diya

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 9th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya asking shall we go and watch Bachchan’s new movie. Anju says sure. Diya cries. Palki says I thought you have much patience, but you came early, Diya selected my dress, she knows we well, sorry, I m nervous so talking a lot. She asks him to go, she will dry her hair and come. She goes.

Armaan comes to have food. Diya says I m getting late. Anju asks her to have good. Sudha, Bhavna and Krish come home. Sudha says Bhavna said its Palki’s birthday tomorrow, so we came to wish her. They see Armaan. Armaan says you here…. Sudha and Bhavna see him with Diya. Bhavna says Diya is stopping him from saying yes for Palki, she is her sister’s enemy. Sudha and Bhavna tease Armaan about Palki.

Diya says I m in your team, Armaan can’t get a better life partner than Palki. Armaan looks at her and asks really, Diya. She says yes, don’t get late, say yes. Palki comes and greets them. Diya says say your feelings now. Armaan says I want to say, shall I say. Diya says say yes for marriage. Sudha asks what are you thinking. Krish says your colleague called you for an urgent meeting. Armaan says yes, I will make a call. He goes out. Krish makes excuses and takes Armaan. He says you should have told me, did you talk to Diya. Armaan says she said she isn’t interested in me, what I felt can’t be so wrong, I have to find out, I will ask her straight.

Sudha says Armaan didn’t say anything and left. Bhavna says he came here in the morning, he will say yes. Sudha says we want to take Palki for shopping. Anju nods. Palki says I have decided about the marriage shopping. Diya says we will get the best lehenga for you. Palki says my happiness is incomplete without you. Diya says I m always with you, I m getting late for work. Sudha says come with us. Diya says I wish so, but I have imp work, then I can go ahead in career, I have big dreams, you all enjoy. She leaves. Bhavna says yes, enjoy your birthday with us, next year, Armaan will celebrate it his way.

Diya is in the hotel. Diya thinks of Armaan. Kajal shows the profile of a guy and says he talks so sweetly, he is good. She asks Diya to try the dating site. Diya thinks of Armaan and Palki. Kajal goes. Diya sees Armaan and thinks she is imagining him. He comes to meet her. She walks into him and says he is really here. He asks what. She asks what are you doing here. He says you had called me here, you said I can get the event done in your hotel. She says yes, we stopped handling the events. Vikas asks what. Armaan says I was talking to Diya for my company event. Vikas asks Diya to treat Armaan well.

Armaan asks Diya did she hear it well. Vikas goes. Diya says come. They don’t see Kajal there. Diya shows the event packages to Armaan. He asks her to read it for him, he forgot his glasses. She says you don’t wear glasses. He says I do wear, you don’t know me and yourself, you started lying. She says I don’t lie, you helped me, but you don’t know me.

He holds her and says I know you have feelings for me, please say it, because I feel the same, I want to hear it from you. Diya cries and says Armaan…. I… He asks her to say. The man asks tea or coffee. She says Sir will leave now. She says I have nothing more to share, things would be clear for you. He says yes, there is nothing left to say or listen. He leaves. She calls him out.

Armaan says I trust you mom. Sudha says marry Palki. Sudha says Armaan said yes. Palki smiles. Armaan cries and sees Diya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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