Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan questions Diya

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pavan, Sudha and Bhavna talking about Palki. He says Armaan didn’t say yes for Palki till now. Diya asks Palki what is all this. Palki says I m so confused. Diya asks about marrying Armaan. Palki says no, I m sure, what shall I wear tomorrow when I meet Armaan, tell me what would you wear if you were in my place. Diya imagines Armaan. She thinks to get happy for Palki. She helps Palki and decides her dress and accessories. Diya checks Armaan’s message. Armaan comes home and sees Sudha holding his dad’s watch. She gets emotional. She asks him to wear the watch. She says Palki agreed to marry you, Anju had called today, you listen to me this time, think well, I hope you decide well and this watch helps you. She goes. He thinks did Diya want to talk to me about Palki. He lies to sleep. Diya thinks of him. Tu jo nazron…plays.. He thinks of her. Anju says you didn’t sleep, Diya. Armaan asks Krish why is he coming so late. Krish says I went in a party, what happened, what did Diya want to talk. Diya says I was finishing office work. Anju says I prayed that you get married before Palki. Diya says its okay. Anju asks do you have any problem with Armaan and Palki’s alliance. Armaan says she called me to meet and then disappeared. Diya says I have no problem, Armaan chose Palki, I m happy if she is happy. Anju goes. Diya says Armaan can never like me.

Armaan says I like Diya, how did Palki agree for this. Krish says mum has given dad’s watch to you to make you emotional, tell her clearly that you like Diya. Armaan says yes, I will talk to her tomorrow and then talk to mum, go and sleep now. Krish goes.

Its morning, Armaan comes to have breakfast with Mathurs. Anju asks Brij to help her. She asks Armaan shall I call Palki. He says no. Brij serves the food. Diya comes. She sees Armaan and goes. Armaan gets up. Anju asks isn’t the food good. Armaan says no, I will call Diya and Palki to come. Armaan stops Diya. He rings on her phone. He says you didn’t call or message me. She says I forgot that I had to meet you, sorry, I will call Palki. Diya turns to go. He says I was waiting for you and what you wanted to say. She says I don’t remember, I wanted to say that we get extra money when we keep big events in the hotel. He stops her. He says you messaged me and then disappeared, did anything change. She says no. He asks what was the personal thing. She says Palki is so happy to meet you, let me go and tell her. He stops her. He says time is passing, say it. She thinks time has already passed. She goes. Palki comes and smiles seeing him. She asks when did you come.

Armaan asks Diya to look into his eyes and say that she has feelings for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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