Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan saves Diya’s future

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Armaan seeing Arjun and going to challenge him for the tennis game. Arjun asks what’s the bet. Armaan says I will tell you once I win. Arjun’s friend says refuse, he is a champ. Arjun says I don’t want to play. Armaan says I will play with left hand, play with me, you will get a 5 year membership from my side, its okay if you are scared. Arjun says be ready to lose. Diya gets ready for the engagement. She thinks of Armaan.

The neighbors gossip about Diya. Rama and Vishwas meet Diya. Diya sits for the engagement. Her family smiles. Armaan comes and says stop. The ring falls down and goes towards Armaan. Armaan gets Arjun there. Anju asks why did Armaan get Arjun at this time. The ladies gossip. Anju asks Armaan why did you get this guy, Diya’s alliance will break. Armaan says that alliance is made to break. He asks Arjun to tell Diya and her truth to them. He says tell them that it’s all a lie. Arjun says Diya and I had a relation, she truly loved me, but I faked love, she was my senior, I wanted to progress in career, so I used her, everyone used to praise her, she had good connections, so I acted to love her to get success. Rama claps and insults Diya. She taunts Anju.

Anju asks Armaan to take Arjun away, Diya’s engagement will break. Armaan says everyone is pointing a finger at Diya because of Arjun. He says you all questioned her character by seeing few pics, if any guy does this with your family girl, will you defame her also, I came here to tell the truth, Diya is getting married for your happiness. Brij and Anju get shocked. Brij asks what do you mean. Armaan says she decided this truth to lessen your sorrow. Jhanvi asks Diya is this all true. Anju asks Diya to answer her. Armaan asks how long will you stay silent, what will your family go through when they know the truth, when was Brij so happy last time about her happiness. Brij says when Diya topped in the hotel management. Armaan says if Anju knew that Diya is so troubled then… Anju says then our heart will break, we don’t care for the world, Diya’s happiness is most imp for us. Armaan asks Diya to think of her family.

He asks her not to do wrong with herself. Diya scolds Arjun. She says you had lied to me, I also believed that I have no right to stay happy, you broke my heart, how will it heal, Arjun. Arjun says I m sorry and leaves. Rama says such a big drama on the engagement day. Anju says Diya, swear on me and say you are marrying by your wish. Diya cries. Palki cries and hugs her. Anju apologizes to Diya and hugs her. Brij says we didn’t know that you have a big wound on your heart, we are sorry. He apologizes to Rama and says this alliance can’t happen. Rama scolds them and calls off the alliance. She says Diya doesn’t have a good face and character. Vishwas says enough, Diya you took a big step for your family, you are brave, marriage is not a compromise, but a partnership, best of luck. He leaves with Rama. The people also apologize to Mathurs and leave. Jhanvi says don’t do this again. Diya hugs her sisters. She sees Armaan. Brij says I was going to make a big mistake today. They all hug. Armaan smiles. Brij thanks him. Armaan jokes. Palki thanks him for helping Diya. He says you had called me, so I got to know this. Anju also thanks her. Armaan says I will go now, continue the yoga. Palki nods. He leaves. Diya goes to stop Armaan. She asks why are you upset, what happened.

Armaan scolds Diya. He asks her to do something for herself. Diya does makeup and says I want to look different from the crowd.

Update Credit to: Amena

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