Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sudha makes a plan to control Diya

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna asking Sudha how did Diya make the breakfast. Sudha says Armaan had seen me cooking yesterday and scolded Diya. Bhavna says you did acting in front of Armaan, I m sure that you will bring Diya on line. Sudha says Diya was trying to become a perfect bahu. Ramkali serves the food. Sudha asks Bhavna to come and have food. Bhavna says once Diya gets scared, then you will win forever. Sudha says Diya is independent and educated, I can’t scare her, I can control her by making her emotional, she is emotional about her sisters.

Kajal says sorry Diya, I don’t want to come there because of Sudha. Diya asks why. Kajal says she used to hate me. Diya says no, she loves Armaan a lot, she can’t hate his wife. Kajal says you don’t know that woman well. Diya stops her. Kajal says I won’t come in your party, I don’t want to create any problem for my best friend, best of luck for Sudha, you need it a lot. She goes. Armaan and Diya come home. Diya sees Palki and hugs. Armaan says you here. Palki says you didn’t invite me, so I have come. Sudha says I have called Palki here, Diya and Palki can spend time. Krish says my weekend is ruined now, if this monkey stays here. Palki asks him to go somewhere to spend his weekend.

Bhavna says you didn’t tell me what you want. Sudha says some fire crackers, Diya’s sisters are imp for her. Bhavna says you can control Diya by using Palki. Sudha says I will ask Palki what will she have, she is our guest. She asks Palki what will she have. Bhavna thinks mum is really smart, once Sudha gets Diya’s weakness then Diya is gone. Diya and Palki brush their hair. They miss Anju. Palki teases Diya and laughs.

Armaan comes and says sorry, I just need two mins, Palki can stay in Krish’s room, and Krish will sleep in hall. Krish comes and says yes. Diya says Palki won’t like Krish leaving his room. Sudha comes and says no need to change the room, take my advice. Armaan says I just want to sleep. Sudha says Krish and Armaan will share the room, Palki and Diya can stay here, they can get more time together. Armaan says its okay, I have to share room with Diya all life. Diya says I m really happy and want to thank you for calling Palki here.

Sudha says I can understand that you have come at a new place, you will feel bad to spend time with family. Diya thanks her. Sudha asks them to talk as much as they want. Armaan sees Krish’s room and asks what’s this mess. Krish says I should have not offered my room, you are missing Diya, go and meet her. Armaan says no. Palki says you are missing him. Diya says no.

Palki says you are missing Armaan. Diya says no way. She throws the pillow at her. Armaan comes and catches the pillow. Palki teases them. He goes to take another pillow. He gets close to Diya. Diya says Palki is here. Armaan says I don’t see anything else than you and this bed. Palki says I didn’t see anything. She goes. Armaan lies in Diya’s lap and says I will sleep here, please. Diya asks him to go out and not come back. Krish says its fine, you can sleep with your fav pillow. He asks Palki to sleep on his bed. He gets a mattress for himself. She asks will we share the bed. He asks why, didn’t you share any compartment with anyone, sleep now. He jokes and asks her not to snore. She smiles.

Armaan says I didn’t do anything, I have to sleep here. He hugs Diya. They smile. Its morning, Sudha asks Ramkali to give the clothes to the dhobi. Madhu comes home and meets Sudha. She says you got a new bahu, you didn’t invite me in the marriage. Sudha says it happened in a rush. Madhu says my husband is so angry, he said you didn’t invite us, I have come to give shagun to Armaan’s wife. Sudha says sure, you get freshen up and have food, I will do puja till then. Madhu asks where is your bahu, call her, is she sleeping. Diya gets ready. Armaan stops her. He says its Saturday, we shall sleep for some more time. Diya says I have to go, what will Sudha think, let me go. He asks her to go. She finds the door locked.

Madhu asks who is this girl, what is she doing in Krish’s room. Krish says she is Diya’s sister. Sudha scolds Diya. Diya looks at Armaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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