Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan learns about Diya’s compromise

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya saying I like Vishwas and that’s why I agreed to marry him, I know that inner beauty matters a lot. Armaan asks her to tell him the five things she likes about Vishwas. She tries to say. He says you agreed to marry him without knowing his story, why his wife left, why he got divorced. She says a divorced man also has a right to stay happy. Paas aaye….plays… She takes the key. Armaan also goes there. Rama says we will keep the engagement tomorrow. Brij and Anuj say it will be too early. Diya says we will do the arrangements together, it will be done.

Nimmo asks Anju to not worry. Rama says so its decided to keep a small function tomorrow. Anju says okay. Brij says we shall keep it at home. Rama says we will leave now. Diya takes her blessings. Armaan says I will also leave. Brij asks him to have food and go. Armaan says no, its late, I can’t go now. Armaan sees Diya and recalls her words. He leaves. Vishwas and Rama also leave. Nimmi says Diya will get married soon, I will take double shagun. Anju asks her to have breakfast again. Nimmi laughs. Diya asks Palki is she thinking about the clothes, everything will be done. Palki says your happiness, are you happy, I wish I could see the truth.

Diya gets sad. She sits to write a diary. She writes about Armaan. She writes I like Armaan a lot. She recalls Bhavna’s words. She sees her inner self asking her not to marry the one she doesn’t love. She says I m doing right, I can’t bring shame to my parents, I will marry Vishwas. She crosses whatever she has written and throws the paper. She lies to sleep. Palki comes. She takes the paper. She gets some message. She trashes the paper and goes. Diya is at work. Diya says yes, I will reach for the engagement on time. Kajal hears her. She asks is it your engagement today, you didn’t tell me. Diya says no, it happened so quickly, I will invite you for my marriage, I was waiting for the right man. Kajal hugs her. Everyone congratulates Diya. Diya say I have to go now, I already got late, I will meet you soon and tell you everything. She leaves. Nimmi calls Sudha and asks what did you think of Palki. Sudha says I will talk to Armaan, is everything fine at Mathurs. Nimmi says yes, a person doesn’t learn until he gets hit, Diya is marrying for the family’s happiness after that pic’s incident, Diya was much defamed. Armaan hears this. Sudha says I can’t go in Diya’s engagement, Brij invited us, you go there. Armaan says I can’t go. Armaan goes out and thinks of Diya. He leaves. Anju and everyone come back from shopping. Anju asks Diya to change the cooler grass. She says I forgot you will leave us and go, we will fall alone. Diya asks her not to get sad. She hugs everyone. She dances with the family. Armaan comes and holds her face. Diya imagines this.

Diya and Vishwas are getting engaged. Armaan comes and shouts stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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