Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 2nd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan worries for Diya

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 2nd April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna and Sudha talking of Diya’s alliance. Sudha says I wish Armaan and Palki agree for marriage, who knows Diya gets a right life partner. Anju shows the dress they had bought for Diya many years ago. Anju and Brij say she looked much happy. Diya hears them talking. Anju says maybe her heart changed seeing Palki and Armaan together. Diya thinks I think my decision is right. She meets them and says I couldn’t wait more. She goes with the dress and asks them to come when she calls them. She goes crying. Armaan calls her. She disconnects. He calls Palki.

He asks Palki what happened, isn’t she okay. She says I m okay now. He says you and your sister are best friends. She says no, she isn’t my best friend, else she would have not done this. He says relax, what happened. She tells everything. He gets angry and says sorry. She says I m scared for Diya. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. He says I have to go and stop Diya. He leaves.

Diya gets ready. Nimmi gets the groom and his family home. The lady tells about the guy’s first wife. Diya comes and says I knew it. The family is shocked. Nimmi asks the lady not to show any attitude, her son can’t get anyone better than Diya. Diya and the guy go aside for a talk. Diya recalls Armaan. He says its imp to clear things, its not necessary that there is a love in a marriage, its imp to be good parents. Armaan comes home and looks at them.

Diya sees him. She says you are saying right, its imp to take care of kids, show me their pic. The man shows the pic. Armaan gets upset. Nimmi say Armaan and Palki’s alliance talks are going on, its almost done, I think Diya likes that guy. Nimmi praises Diya. Armaan and Palki go aside. She says Diya got the alliance herself, its because of Arjun, she isn’t listening to me, maybe she listens to you, she is ready to become mum of two kids. He says relax. Diya and the man come to the family. Nimmi asks the man Vishwas and Diya shall we proceed now. His mum says I want to clear few things, Diya should look after the kids, so Diya has to leave her job. Diya says but my job is my dream.

Brij says Diya has worked hard to reach here. Anju says girls can handle anything, house and job, she can also handle both the things, what’s the need to leave the job for marriage. Diya looks at them. Diya recalls Jhanvi’s words and thinks its my turn to do something for family. She says I have seen my mum handling the house, I know it’s a full time duty, I will leave the house. The family worries. The alliance gets fixed. The family takes Diya for a talk. They ask Diya will she leave her dreams and sit at home. Anju says you are making a compromise with your future and dreams. Diya says dreams change with time. Brij says we are not rushing you for marriage. Diya says I want to get married. Palki goes. Diya asks them to go and attend guests. They go. Armaan comes to Diya. He gets angry. He asks what are you doing, will you marry anyone for the family’s happiness. She says its my life, my decision, why are you reacting. He says its not just about me, Palki is also upset. She says you don’t know me, I do everything by my wish. He tries to explain her. She says its my marriage. They argue. She says its not necessary that a person falls in love in the first meet.
Diya and Vishwas are getting engaged. Armaan stops them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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