Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sudha agrees for Armaan and Diya’s alliance

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palki misbehaving with Anju. Anju gets angered and raises hand on her. Palki says you can beat me, why don’t you get Diya married. Brij says we aren’t able to find any nice guy for her. She says when Armaan has said that he loves Diya, then what problem do you have. She cries. Anju asks what about you. Palki says I won’t marry the person who doesn’t love me, I m not so foolish, explain Diya to accept Armaan, it’s the first time someone loves Diya for her nature, not her face, maybe it’s a last chance for Diya, I can get anyone, explain Diya. Anju hugs her and cries.

Sudha cries and thinks of Armaan’s words. Bhavna asks shall I call Nimmi and ask what’s going on there. Sudha says leave me alone for some time. Bhavna says you can vent anger on me, I m seeing that you are losing control on this house, since Armaan got to know about the alliance, he scolded you. Sudha says you did that intentionally. Bhavna says you are doubting me, I m in your team. Sudha says I have seen Armaan’s anger in his eyes for me, I feel he went away from me. Bhavna asks what can you do, you can’t get Armaan married to Diya to win his trust again. Sudha says yes. Bhavna looks on.

Its morning, Armaan and Krish come downstairs. Sudha says I have removed all the decorations and also my wish to get you married to Palki. She gives him aarti. He says I m going to office. She asks won’t you hug me before going to office. Armaan hugs her. She says I know you aren’t trusting me, what does a mum want that her children stay happy, so I have lied to you that Palki’s alliance had come, I wanted happiness for you, I thought I can get the best girl for you so that no one tells that I made a compromise, you got so upset with me, you also hid your feelings for Diya from me, then I should also get upset with you, forget it now.

She says I m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you. Armaan hugs her. She says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Diya makes the breakfast for everyone. Palki asks Diya to marry Armaan. Diya asks her not to repeat it, the matter is over. Anju gets a call. She says Sudha had called, she wants to meet us, she invited us home. Diya says we won’t go to meet her. Palki says we should go.

Sudha says they agreed, I think Diya will agree, she can’t refuse my handsome son. Armaan thanks her. She says I want to see you happy. They hug. Krish calls someone to talk about Armaan and Diya. Diya is working in the hotel. She says we have to meet a new client today. The girls talk about Kajal’s vacation with her new BF. Diya says we can meet her after one week now. Diya sees Armaan’s pic and smiles. Sudha comes and says I had come to talk about my son’s happiness, so you also love Armaan. Diya says no, I had the pic with Palki, but Armaan was also there. Sudha says Armaan said he loves you, I have to ask your wish, if you both have the same wish, then I won’t refuse. Diya says my answer will be no. Sudha asks why, Armaan is a nice guy, I can see you love him. Diya says but not more than Palki, you are scared that I will say yes for this alliance, I can understand you refused to me before, I will say no because I can’t hurt my sister’s heart. Sudha says you are lovely, I will ask you to accept Armaan’s alliance, if you refuse then I will understand that no relation is bigger than sisters’ relation. Diya says you don’t know anything. Sudha smiles and goes. Palki messages Diya. Krish asks Palki to think again, they can’t undo this. She says I m sure. Diya comes home. Palki gives her phone to Krish. He wishes her all the best. He leaves.

Sudha says I want you to come in Armaan’s life, will you marry him. Diya says yes. Diya’s foot gets burnt by the haldi. Palki informs this to Armaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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