Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Jhanvi learns Armaan’s feelings for Diya

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha saying Armaan said yes for the marriage. Anju gets happy and asks Diya did she hear this. Diya says congrats and hugs Palki. Sudha says congrats Anju. Anju says to you too. Everyone smiles. Jhanvi comes home. She says Armaan said yes and Sudha made you wear shagun bangles. Diya says maybe Amaan was in a hurry. Palki says no, I would have not been alive if he refused, its not love, but my ego would have got hurt. Krish says I m feeling bad for Palki, you are lying. Armaan says feel bad for me also. Krish says I m feeling bad for you also, you had written that letter for Diya. Armaan says she read it. Anju asks Palki to keep her gifts. Diya and Jhanvi tease her. Anju takes Palki with her. she says its your engagement today. Jhanvi checks the gifts.

She reads Armaan’s letter for Diya. She gets shocked. She cries thinking of Palki. She says what shall I do, Palki or Diya, no, I can’t tell them. She hides the letter from Diya. Krish asks did Diya tear the letter, why. Armaan says I run after those things which I can’t get, she doesn’t love me. Diya hugs Jhanvi and asks why are you crying. Jhanvi says Palki will get married and then you will be alone. Diya says no, I have my room and everything, I will be good. She goes. Jhanvi says you are strong, you can withstand this, but Palki can’t, sorry.

She burns the letter. Sudha says I will send shagun jewellery to Palki. Bhavna asks her how did this miracle happen, what happened yesterday. Sudha says you don’t need to know anything. Sudha says I felt really bad that I have hurt my son. Bhavna says then get him married to Diya. Sudha gets angry. Bhavna says I mean, I know I gave you this idea, but you accepted it, you don’t care for Armaan’s pain, you want a fair skinned bahu. Sudha says no, I don’t care for complexion, I don’t like Diya because of her age, she won’t be able to adjust here, Palki is younger and bonds well, it will be good to mould her. Bhavna says you can control Palki, not Diya, you have a habit to control others. Sudha asks her to come in the evening for the function. She scolds Bhavna.

She asks Bhavna to stay as her daughter and not try to become her mum. Palki tries some dress. Anju chooses other one. Brij and Diya ask Palki to take whatever she wants. Palki says earrings aren’t matching with lehenga. Diya gets another pair of earrings. She tries it. Armaan comes home and sees Armaan. Palki asks Armaan which jewellery he likes. He says I liked that one. Jhanvi says you are saying about jewellery, right. He says of course, jewellery. He gives the jewellery sent by Sudha.

He says generally, my personal choices get wrong, this time, I will go with mum’s choice, come soon. He leaves. Diya cries. Armaan comes home. Sudha asks did you give the jewellery. He says yes. She asks him to try the sherwanis. He refuses. He says I will wear anything you say, its not a big deal. He goes. Sudha says I will get a pretty wife for you. Krish says you chose the girl he doesn’t like, you got a bahu for yourself, its not a big deal.

Krish takes Palki, Diya and Jhanvi to Armaan’s room. Palki says he is a book worm. She checks his cupboard. She sees Diya’s pic inside. She asks why is Diya’s pic here. Diya and Jhanvi worry. Diya says it has Palki’s pic also, I came in between. Palki says you will always be there in our hearts, guys will never come between us, right. Jhanvi asks her to get ready.

Nimmi says you and Sudha lied to Armaan, alliance had come for Diya, not Palki. Armaan says you cheated me. He sits worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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