Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan agrees to marry Palki

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya leaving. Sudha says I m feeling that we are giving sorrow to Armaan. Bhavna says let him feel bad, we have seen what happened last time when he married by his choice. Diya goes and slaps the neighbor. The man asks why did you slap me. He raises hand. Armaan comes and scolds him. He also slaps the man. He says I know why girls slap men like you. He argues with the man. Diya asks who asked you to come in between, I can solve my life’s problem, you think you are a superhero, leave me alone. He says fine, I have left you. He leaves. Diya beats the man in anger.

Diya comes back home and runs to her room. Palki asks what happened. Diya goes and shuts the door. Palki knocks the door. Sudha asks Krish to get the car. Diya calms down. She says I m not crying, my dress had a problem, so I came to fix it. Palki asks her to come soon. Diya shuts the door and cries. Jag soona soona…plays…

Armaan comes home and gets sad thinking of Diya. He breaks things in anger. Sudha and Krish come there and try to stop it. Armaan throws a glass vase. Sudha gets hurt. Krish and Armaan rush to her. He asks who asked you to come in between. She says I m your mum. He cries and hugs her. Brij comes to call Diya. She says coming. She wipes tears. Sudha says you used to share your problems with me, you won’t come to tell me now that you are hurt. Krish does the aid to her foot. Armaan says I have lost, whatever I want, I lose it. Sudha says marry Palki, she will fill loneliness in your life. He says no, I don’t love her. She says you married for love before, what happened, did she stay with you, she loved you less and you loved you more, you should marry the one who loves you more. He says it will be wrong for Palki, if I can’t give her love then it will be wrong.

Sudha says love grows after getting married in arranged marriages, you will love her gradually, you will keep her happy, do you trust me or not. Armaan says yes. She asks him to marry Palki. Diya gets the cake. Palki says Armaan isn’t here. Diya asks her to the cut the cake for her sake. Palki says anything for you. She makes a wish. Armaan comes and asks will you cut the cake without us. Sudha says we had gone out for some time, cut the cake now. Palki cuts the cake. She feeds it to everyone. Sudha makes Palki wear the shagun bangles. Armaan sees Diya and cries. Sudha says Armaan has said yes for the marriage. Everyone smiles.

Armaan hears the truth. Palki asks what’s Diya’s pic doing in Armaan’s almirah.

Update Credit to: Amena

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