Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 11th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan writes a love letter for Diya

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya crying and saying how could I say that I feel for you, I love you. Armaan turns to her. He says you could have tried once, who knows you would get the same love back. She says Armaan, I …. Her imagination ends. Anju and Brij get emotional seeing Palki’s room. She cries and says we will miss Palki. Brij says Diya will be with us. She says yes, but she will also feel lonely. He says she will also get married when time comes, we will be left alone. He says I wish they all get happy. Palki comes home from shopping. She says Sudha and Bhavna didn’t let me pay. Anju likes the dress and says its too costly. Diya comes. Palki says they didn’t listen to me. Diya hides a gift. Palki asks where is my gift. Diya says I forgot, I will get it tomorrow. Palki says you can’t forget it. She tickles Diya. The gift falls. Diya says wait till 12. Palki says no, I will see this today. She says your and Sudha’s choice match, she gifted me the same makeup kit. Diya says I will return this. Palki says no, I want your gift, this will always be with me. Anju cries. She asks them not to make her cry. She says we have to cut the cake. Palki and Diya say we gave a sister’s secret. Diya makes a cake for Palki. Anju says go and ask her, did she do the preparation or not.

Diya gets the cake. She says we shouldn’t cry today and just laugh. They go to surprise Palki. They wish her happy birthday. Brij says next year, Palki would be celebrating her birthday with her new family. She says I will celebrate it here. Diya asks Anju not to cry. She asks Palki to make a wish. Palki wishes that Armaan says yes for the marriage. She cuts the cake. They all have the cake.

Palki goes to talk to Armaan on call. Krish wishes her happy birthday. She says thanks, I thought its Armaan’s call. He says Armaan went to sleep, I wasn’t getting my phone so called from his phone. She thanks him. She says Armaan was asleep, Krish wished me. Sudha says its okay, he will wish tomorrow. Its morning, Anju makes a sweetdish. Diya tastes it and likes it. They see Palki. Diya asks Palki to go and wear the birthday dress. Palki says I can miss Armaan’s call or message. Diya says you can come back and reply. Palki goes. Diya says I got an amazing idea, we will keep Palki’s surprise birthday party. Anju says wow, how will this happen. Diya asks is it tough for me to arrange this party, Palki’s friends will come and take her out, we will invite everyone and make arrangements. Anju says we have to make dinner arrangements for Sudha. Diya says I will handle everything. Anju says if Armaan says yes today, then it will be the best birthday gift for Palki.

Diya says I m doing this for Palki. Krish asks Armaan will you write a love letter for Diya when people say it in mails and messages. Armaan says I want to explain Diya the depth of my love, she will know my feelings and then I can know what she feels. Bhavna hears them. Armaan says I want to handover the letter to Diya, this is the only way now. Krish says all the best, I wish your feelings reach Diya. Bhavna worries. Armaan writes a letter for Diya and praises her qualities with which he fell in love. Bhavna hides and looks on.

Sudha asks Armaan to marry Palki. Armaan agrees. He sees Diya and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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