Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruhi informs Saaransh about fake snake prank and also how Alia helped her. She says to him that she don’t know that who is behind that prank and she is afraid to go to school. He tells her that he will stay with her. Ruhi introduces Alia to Saaransh. He gets smitten seeing Alia. Ruhi notices that. He thanks Alia for helping Ruhi. She tells him that Ruhi is so sweet and goes inside school. Ruhi thinks that Saaransh likes Alia.

On the other hand, Receptionist asks Yuvraj to pay for a hotel room or else leave. Yuvraj gives money to him so the latter leaves from there. He tells himself that now he don’t have cash and can’t use card too because of Rudraksh. And he has to do something against Rudraksh and Preesha.

Preesha meets Revathi at school. Revathi tells her that she is doing her daughter’s project. Preesha helps her. She tells her that she is working there as doctor and also her daughter studying there. Revathi receives someone’s call and tells the Driver to give the project to her daughter and leaves from there. Preesha thinks that Revathi changed completely after the phone call.

Preesha enters her cabin. One student comes there and tells her that she has stomachache. Preesha gives medicine to her. She gives students to chocolate after treating them. Dev sees that and says that now the real drama will begin.

After some time, students gets unwell and starts vomiting. Saaransh tells Preesha that he want to study in their school. She asks him the reason. He decides to not tell about the prank. He tells her that he wants to spend more time with her and Ruhi that’s why. Teacher brings students there. Principal comes there and asks Preesha that what’s happening. She tells him that they should admit students at hospital. They calls for an ambulance. Dev tells his friends that everything going on as per his plan.

Later, Rudraksh reaches the hospital. Doctor informs them that students consumed drugs and it’s good that they admitted students at right time. Rudraksh and Preesha asks students that what they ate. All the students says that they ate chocolate only which given by Preesha. Poen blames Preesha. Rudraksh yells at him. Principal calls forensic expert to check the chocolates. Forensic expert tests the chocolates and reveals that these chocolates have drugs. Dev thinks that this is Preesha’s punishment for giving complain against him.

Rudraksh defends Preesha. Principal decides to call the police. Dev recalls that how he told his friend to switch the chocolates and also put drug powder in Preesha’s drawer. Dev’s friends executes the plan. Dev tells his friends that now Preesha will end up in jail.

Saaransh asks Principal to not call the Police. Principal tells him that he need to take action because it’s a serious matter. Rudraksh agrees with him.

Episode ends.

Precap: Student badmouths about Preesha to Ruhi. Police arrests Preesha.

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