Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha Complains Principal Against Dev

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra checks holi party’s CCTV footage and finds 3 unknown boys barging into the party.
Roohi says they are the same boys who troubled her. Preesha tells Rudra that Dev must have mixed bhang in her thandai, she will complain against him to principal before he does anything wrong again. Next morning, Preesha gets ready for work. Rudra hugs her from behind and speaks hoarsely. Preesha asks what happened to him. Rudra says he got cold due to playing in water yesterday and asks her to stay back at home with him. Roohi also walks to her coughing and sneezing and requests to take a leave. Preesha says she will prepare bitter decoction/kadwa kadha for them. Roohi stops acting and says she is fine. Preesha asks her to get ready for school. Rudra also stops acting and asks if she can handle Dev’s issue alone. She says yes.

Preesha visits school and showing Dev’s pic to peon asks if he knows this boy. Peon denies. Preesha warns him not to lie. Peon suggests not to get into this issue as Dev is from a rich family and everyone are afraid of his parents. Preeshha asks him to send the boy to her cabin as its her duty to reform him. Peon requests not to inform anyone about it. Preesha promises.

Roohi gets afraid seeing a toy snake on her way. A fellow student Aliya picks snake and asks Roohi not to be afraid as its a toy snake. Dev’s friends who kept the snake to friend Roohi get frustrated on Aliya and determined to punish her. Dev warns them to dare not think of harming Aliya. Peon informs him that Dr. Preesha called him to her cabin. Dev visits Preesha’s cabin and asks if she knows who he is. Preesha says his misbehavior gave his introduction and asks why did he visit her house yesterday. He denies. She shows his pic and says he is the one who threw color balloon on her father and mixed bhang in her drinks, she threatens to complain against him to principal and inform his parents about his acts.

He acts as pleading her not to call his parents and then stepping on the chair laughs and says he doesn’t care if she complains to anyone. She asks why did he barge into her house. He says he saw a party and enjoyed. Preesha says she will teach him a lesson. He says he is in the school since its made and challenges her to complain principal or anyone she likes. Preesha visits principal and complains against Dev describing his shameless acts. Dev threatens principal from behind to keep his mouth shut. Principal asks Preesha not to worry as he will call Dev and speak to him. Preesha sends him holi party pic and walks away. Dev snatches principal’s photo, deletes it, and threatens principal to drop the issue right there. Principal says this matter will end here as he crossed his limits and Preesha is determined to punish him. Dev says Preesha doesn’t know who his parents are.

Preesha drives towards house with Roohi after school and stops at a vegetable stall midway. She pays 4 rs extra to the vendor. A lady named Revathi gives her moral gyaan on saving money. She returns home. Rudra asks if she found out who the rogue boy is. Preesha says his name is Dev, he is very arrogant and mannerless. Rudra says he will speak to the principal regarding this. She says there is no need for that as she already complained against Dev to the principal. Rudra gets romantic. Dev takes Preesha’s cabin key from principal and determines to make Preesha’s life a hell.

Next morning, Preesha gets ready for work and walks down for breakfast. She learns that Rudra is preparing breakfast for her and walks into kitchen to see Rudra spoiling the whole kitchen. Saransh and Roohi demand breakfast and fear Rudra’s breakfast. Rudra serves them breakfast. They thank Preesha for the tasty breakfast. Preesha says they should thank Rudra as he cooked this breakfast. Rudra says he used cooking books. Sharda also praises Rudra. Rudra recalls Preesha preparing breakfast. Family enjoys breakfast. Roohi discusses with Saransh that mamma prepared it. Saransh says he knows, but the shouldn’t spoil Rudra and Preesha’s happiness.

Precap: Preesha gives chocolate to student.
Student falls ill. Pincipal complains against her to police and gets her arrested. Dev grins peeping from the window.

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