Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha Gathers Evidence Against Dev

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha tells Roohi that she, Rudra, and Roohi will sleep together today. Roohi rejoices and sleeps between them holding their hands . Serial’s title track plays in the background. Once she is asleep, Rudra sleeps on couch saying he will be back on bed before Roohi wakes up. Preesha sleeps sadly. Next morning, Roohi tells Saransh that she will enjoy a lot today as she will be performing in annual function. Preesha asks Saransh not to worry as she has thought about a plan to expose Dev. Saransh says Dev is very clever and may do something. She asks him not to worry about that and concentrate on his performance.

Vicky with other friend visits Dev and says he heard Saransh brutally trashed him. Dev reveals that he injured himself to trap Saransh in a false case. He asks if Khuranas file a case against him. Vicky says he is surprised they didn’t. Dev says even if they would have, he would have bailed him out like last time’s drug case. Vicky did he ask him to print Preesha vile flyers. Dev says if he dad printed them, he would have been caught; he wanted to defame Preesha for getting him restricated from school. He describes how he provoked Saransh by passing lewd comments against his mother and making him beat him, how he fooled his mother, threatened Saransh via wardboy’s phone, and acted in front of his mother, etc. Vicky says Dev is a big player who played such a nice game.

Preesha meets Vicky and asks if he finished his task. Vicky gives him Dev’s confession video and recalls how he recorded it from his mobile secretly. Preesha thanks Vicky. Vicky says Dev blackmails him and gets all the wrong work done by him, his mother should know about his deeds. Preesha thinks of showing the video to Revathi during annual day function. She shows the video to Saransh and Alia. Alia says she knew her brother is bad, but didn’t know he could stoop so low. She agrees to help her and worries for Revatrhi. Preesha says if they spare Dev, he may become a dreaded criminal in the future, so they should reveal truth to Revathi. Alia says Revathi has gone out of station and will be back by annual day function. Dev’s friend overhears their conversation and thinks of informing Dev about it.

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