Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh helps Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh helps Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March Written Updates

The episode begins when Preesha and Rudraksh begins to argue following their arrival at the hotel in the exact same room. He requests her to leave the room , however she denies that the room is hers. One of them is yelled at for shouting loudly. He demands that they fight within the house and to go and speak to the Manager and decide who should stay within the area. Preesha is close to falling while walking toward the door, but Rudraksh is holding her. She asks him to stay away from her and not profit from the darkness. He says he has saved her. She says that she wouldn’t fallen even if he did not hold her. The room is left.

On the other side, Ruhi and Saaransh gets concerned about Rudraksh. Vaijayanti appears and tells Saaransh that she received an incoming call from a landline and wants to know the place. He is wondering would happen if Rudraksh called Vaijayanti via landline. She believes that she cannot say the fact that Preesha phoned her. Sharda confirms to them that Rudraksh hasn’t arrived at the venue of the concert. Vaijayanti states that she’ll contact the Police and departs from there. Sharda continues to follow her. Ruhi asks Saaransh to check she should tell her if they were going overboard.

Preesha and Rudraksh realize that their room isn’t lit. They ask Manager questions about the their room. Manager explains that he assigned the room to two people. He claims that he shut off the power connection in that room to ensure that they do not meet. She requests him to provide another space to Rudraksh. She is informed that there is no space is available at the moment. Rudraksh refuses to share the room with Preesha. She requests him to go to a different hotel. Manager warns that it is dangerous to leave the hotel immediately. Rudraksh and Preesha refuse leaving the hotel. Manager realizes that they are familiar with each other and asks them to alter their plans for tonight since they don’t have a alternative at this point. They accept to stay in the room. Preesha requests Rudraksh to lay down on the sofa, but Rudraksh denies it and lies down on the mattress. She also lies her down and requests for him not to come to her side.

The police inspector informs Khurana’s that the inspector will attempt to find out who has kidnapped Rudraksh or in what way. He inquires about a ransom demands.

Rudraksh and Preesha notices a voice of a lady. Preesha leaves and asks the husband to get rid of his wife. He attempts to harm her, but Rudraksh beats him. The guy apology is made to Rudraksh and departs from there. The lady thanked them and then leaves. Preesha says to Rudraksh that he was unable to keep his affection and love from her. He could not stand the way he touched her. He warns her not to think he was a liar because he could have similar behavior for any woman. He doesn’t want to forget what she did to him.

A police inspector informs Khurana’s of the unknown number that called. Saaransh states that he received the phone, but did not hear anything on the opposite side. Vaijayanti discovers that Preesha also called her on that landline number. She reports the incident to the Police inspector. He inquires whether Preesha is behind all this.

Episode ends.

Precap The Precap Preesha says to Rudraksh that she will not let him go, and then locks him to her bed. Vaijayanti discovers that Kids have sent Rudraksh to the wrong place.

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