Written Update 31st March 2022: Zoya Blackmails Zafar

Police while going see trunk, and checks but doesn’,t find Rahul. Bittu, Pappu and Police goes back. Shanti, Sakeena, Ramesh and Zafar scold them stating Rahul is not here and before doing further give rs. 1 cr. They all go, and children- Ramesh dances, making zafar doubt🤔. He checks trunk and finds Rahul.Zafar blames Ramesh for kidnapping Rahul and goes to call police. Zoya goes behind tells whole story and blackmail him stating if he tells anyone than she shall inform about birthday fraud about feeding Mishra family non-veg.Zafar says it was mistake, i didn’t do it delibrately. Zoya says keep rahul sceret as sceret. Zafar says this is blackmailing.Ramesh arrives asking you didn’t informed police and bittu, he says i thought about let it be, and goes.Ramesh asks about Zafar secret from zoya, she says i shall tell letter truth to shanti. Shanti ask about letter, than zoya says its about love🥰 letter.Zafar inform about Rahul and Zoya blackmailing to Sakeena and both get terrified😱 and decide to keep Rahul happy.Bittu and Pappu feels sad😩😔 about missing Rahul and their issues. Zafar and Ramesh says we shall enjoy before giving Rahul information.Ramesh asks about blackmailing reason, zafar asks same and they both goes to meet bittu and pappu.They both scold and get angry😡 on Bittu for scolding Rahul during picinic. They say that Rahul’s ego is hurt, and do something that Rahul comes himself to meet you.Bittu asks any idea. Ramesh says do fast until die. Bittu agrees.Sakeena feed Pakodas to rahul asking him to stay hidden, so that Shanti doesn’t catch him. Sakeena goes to meet Shanti asking to have Pakodas as I am sad😔 as Rahul is missing and I am missing him as well.Bittu sits on Fast, BBC records his emotional speech stating please Come back. Bittu cries😭, declaring to keep fast until you return.Zafar and Ramesh says our children is villian👹, who is blackmailing us. They even add that Rahul is still unaffected by Bittu Fast.No precap

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