Written update 31st march 2022: Driver/Dharmesh asks for rs. 10lac

Khodi asks about Katori well being. Khodi asks not to get afaird of ghost👻. Katori says you are scared 😱 since start, as you are scared😱 even of ghost👻. Khodi says I checked all register of swarg and narak, and she is not here. Katori says she is here and shall leave soon. Khodi asks katori to die with me as well. Katori scolds him.Dharmesh/Driver asks happu why was he scared seeing DIG? Happu says due to you, as I lied about my illness. Rajjo asks to order food. They order food. Driver orders much food. DIG comes there as well, asking about happu’s health. He asks Happu to go and rest. He agrees and they all go.At home, Happu says its too much due to Dharmesh/Driver, we are suffering too much. Rajjo says keep your heart big, even Dharmesh after becoming ghost👻 came to meet me. Everyone tries to make Rajjo realise that its too much, asking to let Dharmesh go. Rajjo gets angry😡 and scold them.Kamlesh asks Kat to come out for studies. Happu scolds😡 kamlesh.In morning Ritik and Ranveer fight for dresses, as Rajjo didn’t work due to Dharmesh. They bad mouth about her and complaint to Katori Amma. They asks her to do something. Katori says I shall do it something quick.Driver/Dharmesh asks Rajjo about some money💶. Rajjo says I shall give you rs. 5000, but He says i need rs. 10lac. Rajjo says you are dead now, leave this. Dharmesh says I took loan of rs. 10lac before dying, and until i repay it I shall not get peace. Rajjo says I shall do it soon.Rajjo gets romantic🥰 with Happu and asks that Dharmesh need rs. 10lac, so settle loan so that she gets peace.Rajjo requests🙏🏻 him to arrange it. Happu denies and get angry😡 but Rajjo says she shall stay here than. Happu gets shocked😱.Precap:- Happu asks DIG that he need rs. 10 lac to get operated. Kamlesh and Kat finds that Dharmesh is alive and has been kidnapped by Driver

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