Written update 1st April 2022: Bittu tries to jump and die

Bittu keep on continuing his hunger strike, Kodde says Rahul has been kidnapped but pappu denies stating Rahul’s father is more miser than bittu. Everyone get shocked😱 hearing this. Bittu asks Pappu that if I dies keep 10 kachori near my head and have 2 with yourself.Ramesh says Rahul is smarat, he might have caught your drama. Pappu asks how can you say that? Zafar says everyone knows about Bittu and his drama.Bittu doubts🤔 on them, but they scold them. Bittu sees kodde having grapes🍇, kodde denies. Pappu make bittu wear mala, which bittu sees it as kachori.Koode says his time might get up soon. BBC says I shall interview him, when he does show bittu sees banana🍌 in it, but they control him.Bittu some random boy goes to him thinking🤔 as Rahul and Pappu control him and Bittu cries😭. Pappu says Rahul knows that you are doing drama of hunger strike, he will not return at all.Bittu says I shall do something else for sure.Guddu finds Rahul roaming. Rahul goes hiding himself inside cloth to have sweets🍩🍩. Shanti finds him asking about his health. Sakeena sees Guddu hiding near kitchen and talk to him. Shanti finally get to know that Rahul was hiding at haveli.Shanti confront Sakeena and Guddu. Sakeena says everyone knows as Ramesh and Zafar were blackmailed by children.Shanti gets shocked😱. Sakeena gets call📱 and takes Shanti and Rahul along.Bittu is sitting on top of roof to do suicide. Zafar and Ramesh asks him to come down, but he denies. Zafar says either he shall die or not, we shall be in trouble due to police and children for sure.Bittu starts crying😭 stating Pappu to clear his account, he takes last bye.Shanti decides to confront Ramesh, asking Bittu to stop. Finally Rahul comes and stops Bittu. Pappu asks him to come down. Bittu gets happy🥰.Bittu says his story of missing Rahul, asking where was he? Rahul says I was staying in haveli, as I know secret of them. Ramesh and Zafar cover ups. Shanti says Bittu- Rahul fought on picinic, so their matter will end there only. Everyone gets happy☺️☺️Next day in picinic Ramesh says I shall cook Kathal. Zafar takes picture of Sakeena. Sakeena asks Shanti how did she suddenly planned picinic again? Shanti says we shall play truth and Dare. Everyone gets scared😱All adults play truth and Dare. Ramesh gets first chance to say truth. Shanti confront him, so finally he admits that 3 years back kismis nani died and due to your emotional attachment to her, i wasn’t able to speak.Shanti asks Sakeena and zafar next by giving ammi swear. Zafar speaks that by mistake you had non-veg kabab. Ramesh and Shanti runs behind Sakeena and Zafar to beat them.Precap:- Bittu opens carrom club and asks that married man can join after getting NOC from their wife. Ramesh and Zafar tries to get NOC from Shanti and Sakeena, but both scold them and deny not to join at all.

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