Vidrohi 26th February 2022 Written Update: Baxi sends the weapons to Radhamani

Vidrohi 26th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on


Vidrohi 26th February 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Kalyani wandering into in the forest to find the one who will provide them with weapons. She is approached by a man who asks if she’s Baxi’s spouse, to which she affirms and joins the man. A British soldier comes in as they were about to detain them them when Kalyani throws mud in his eyes, and then fights him to escape. However, Baxi enters an office for Britishers as the soldiers request for his face to be revealed. They force him to take off the cloth from his face and then are shocked upon recognizing the man. He orders the arrest of Baxi however, he is fighting back with his men who were dressed in Britisher’s clothing and takes grip of his soldiers.

In this instance, Baxi orders to remove the soldiers from the office, and later, he burns it. The soldiers succeed in their task, however Warren becomes shocked upon learning about the event. He is furious and decides to impart an important lesson to Baxi. He decides to capture Baxi and aslo learns that they’re looking to shift weapons to the Rodang to get ready for a fight.

Subarna request Radha to be cautious and take care of herself. A employee arrives and hands two letters to them, along with the gun bag. Subarna is delighted to see that letter written by Baxi and opens the letter. She is thrilled to learn that Baxi have begun the first stage of rebellion to the Britishers. He informs them about his plans and requests that they remain solid.

Additionally, Gadadhar comes inside Radhamani’s room. She as well as Subarna are shocked to see him. Subarna is quick to remind him of the punishment he received and requests to leave the palace. Banthara confesses that she allowed Gadadhar to stay in the palace. Banthara says Subarna should be able to forgive him because the latter is repenting of his error.

Banthara Reminds Subarna of the fact that Baxi even accepted forgiveness for Gadadhar and allowed him to stay in the palace since he began trusting Gadadhar. Radha responds that Baxi isn’t always right every time. Banthara says that the moment Gadadhar is able to stay with them, then they’ll be able to overcome their fears and, during the fight they must be accompanied by a man that can fight for and defend them. Subarna says that they have enough to care for themselves. Gadadhar demands an opportunity and demands that they believe in Subarna. Subarna eventually agrees to allow a shot to Gadadhar.

Then, Gadadhar goes out of the room, along with Banthara. She reminds him of the agreement they made and asks Gadadhar to take care of Radha. Gadadhar smiles and begins his work to help the Britishers. He comes across a letter which he discovers that Baxi had sent weapons into Rodang and requested that he investigate the incident. He is shocked to learn about the incident and concludes that Baxi believes in Radha the most. He even imagines invading her bedroom to discover the weapons.

Radha examines the letter written to her by Baxi in which he has said that he does is a believer in her and that she can assist in concealing the weapons. Radha looks at the weapons and begins thinking. In contrast, Gadadhar questions the servant about whether something was brought in the home, and she says that she doesn’t have any idea about it. Radha is able to see him and becomes concerned, but he appears to appear innocent before her. The king decides to cut off Radha, Kalyani and Baxi out of the palace.

Additionally, Kalyani gets worried about Baxi but Baxi returns in peace and embraces her. She asks him questions about everything, and he informs her about the time they burned Baxi’s offices. The woman assures him he’ll succeed. They fall asleep in the evening, and Baxi is able to hear voices and sets out to investigate. When Warren’s soldiers arrive, they are able to catch him, and Warren smiles and declares that he will the man to be punished.

Precap: Warren discovers Baxi and accuses him of the burning of their workplace. Baxi declares that he’ll be the next one to burn, but Warren smiles and declares that they’ll take out the wife of his Kalyani. He commands his soldiers, and they set the house on fire in which Kalyani was asleep. Baxi calls”Baxi” to awaken her but she remains in a deep sleep.

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