Maya gets into the cabin of Arjun and looked Arjun.

Arjun : How can I help you, Miss Maya ?

Maya : Sir, I hope you haven’t forgot me .

Arjun : Please tell what’s your need of visit ? I have lot of work.

Maya thought : Seems he doesn’t remembers anything. So may be he will not agree for it.

Arjun : Excuse me, kindly tell the purpose of your visit.

Maya : I came here to give you your handkerchief. That day you saved me and when I was crying

Arjun : Oh !! Yeah I do remember . Keep it at the table.

Maya nodded her head and kept kerchief at the table.

Arjun : What ?

Maya : Can I get a glass of water ?

Arjun pours water from jug and gives it to her . Maya gulps whole water quickly.

Arjun : You didn’t said why you came here .

Maya : Yeah, woh…woh…..woh…

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Meanwhile Arjun’s phone rings

Arjun : One second

Maya thought : Aise toh mein kuch bhi keha nahi pawungi. Oh No!!

Arjun : Yes, Maya

Maya thought ; Let me shut my eyes so that I will be able to tell why I am here. That will work .

Maya shut her eyes quickly and said : Sir I promised my friends gang that I will bring you as the chief guest of our college day function. So please come as our chief guest at Loyola College this Monday 10 am.

Maya took a deep breath and opened her eyes, she looked Arjun.

Arjun : Why you shut your eyes and said it ?

Maya : I was trying to tell you, but seeing you busy I thought may be you will not listen me . It was not so easy to look at your eyes and tell the matter.

Arjun smiles and looks Maya

Arjun : I am damn busy actually, work pressure was high. That’s why I was asking what was the purpose only, you thought it as my attitude, then I am sorry for that.

Maya ; No Sir. Now it’s clear as you smiled and said genuinely. Let me honest Sir you looks good when you smiles.

Arjun : Even you too.

Arya look each other and smiled

Arjun : Usually college students invites celebrities only for the programmes, why a collector ?

Maya : Sir actually thing is we earlier invited a film star but he has to join a film shooting. Within limited time it’s so hard to find some one and my heart quickly said your name . You are deputy collector and at the same time you are a gentle man also. I won’t lie Sir, I wished to see you again and when this problem arised I thought of coming here so that I can meet you. But I won’t expect an Yes as you have a hectic schedule , but if you say Yes not just me but our whole college will be happy. Now it’s upto you.

Arjun : Actually I was also looking for little bit change for myself as I was hanged up with work. You arrived in right time and I assure you that it’s a Yes only.

Maya ; Sir , Are you really coming ?

Arjun : Yes, this year’s chief guest will be Deputy Collector Arjun.

Maya : Thanks a lot Sir.By the way I didn’t expect you will agree to this so soon.

Arjun :How can I deny when it’s a honest and bold girl who came to invite me ?

Maya : Matlab!!

Arjun : A month back when I came at a restaurant around 11 pm I saw a girl as the bearer there. She was rushing towards tables from tables , I find her whenever she got the break time she used to sit at the corner stool and keeps studying with her study materials. But whenever the customer calls she rushed there and asks Sir, order please. I find that girl as very much enthusiastic those day as she was studying in college and after studies at evening to night she is working as bearer in a restaurant also. Then I saw the same girl again and this time she came before my eyes, I saw her eyes were drenched in tears , she might have been in pain I felt as she wasn’t aware of anything happening besides her at the road.I saved her and give a kerchief for wiping tears, she told me tears can’t make a person weak. That same girl is infront of me and she came with an invitation for making me as a chief guest. I find her honesty, will power as very much valuable and before her it’s hard to say No. You are really important person, Maya

Maya again looked Arjun’s eyes and a drop of tear was about to fall down from her eyes. Arjun kept his palm beneath and it fell down there only.

Arjun : Maya your tears are pure and you are a true person, stay like these forever. I hold up your tear drop as it’s so valuable , but I request you don’t be so emotional.

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Maya wiped her tears and looked Arjun .

Maya : Thank you Arjun Sir. I never expect that I can also be important to some one . While working overnights, I get a self satisfaction that I am self sufficient and it motivates me to do my work along with studies. So many people will come and eat at restaurants,but like you not each one notices the bearers.

Arjun ; I really appreciate you for your will power. You inspires so many girls Maya. For you I will surely come

Arjun holds Maya’s hand : It’s my promise .

Maya looked the way Arjun hold her hand she felt an unknown kind of happiness at heart when her hand was on his hand . Both of them share an intense eyelock

Yeh dil sun raha hein tere dil kee zubaan

Aee mere humnashi mein wahan tum jahaan

Yeh dil sun raha hein tere dil kee zubaan plays…..

At the campus , evening 7 pm

Gopika : How long I need to wait ?

Meanwhile Gopika gets a call

“Madam, sorry but we can’t send the Cab. ”

Gopika : What ? Hello, hello…..

Saksham ; Gopika, you didn’t went till, during every weekends you go home naa, then what happened ?

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Gopika ; I guess I will miss my train today. The cab which I booked have been cancelled. How should I go to railway station, now ?

Saksham : Don’t worry, I will drop you Gopika.

Gopika : But Saksham

Saksham : Gopika, you trust me naa ?

Gopika : Yeah , but Saksham

Saksham ;Gopika, I will drop you safely.  I am not a stranger to you .

Gopika ; That’s true. Okay

Saksham : Fine I will take the car.

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As soon as they gets inside the car some one takes their pics in mobile from a distance. Saksham drops Gopika in station

Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Ramila to throw Gopika out of the house? - JustShowBiz

Gopika ; Thanks a lot Saksham .

Saksham : Have a safe and happy journey .

Gopika : Saksham I would have missed train, thank god train hasn’t come yet. Saksham you can come with me till platform

Saksham ; Why ?

Gopika ; Yeh kya Saksham ? If I will stand alone there I will feel more tensed , Maya is also not with me as weekend she takes works overnight naa .

Saksham : Okay

Saksham accompanies Gopika upto the platform.

Gopika : Saksham , Monday is the college day. I am so tensed

Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Gopika to forgive Saksham? - Tellyexpress

Saksham : Gopika, I am sure you will rock it. Don’t worry.

Gopika : Train has arrived , I need to go.

Saksham ; Bye, Happy Journey.

As Gopika was getting inside the train Saksham was walking without looking behind, suddenly his leg got hit at the iron rod which was kept in a trolly, Saksham screamed in pain….”Ah…”

Gopika quickly get down from train and rushed near Saksham .

All flowers bear your fragrance GoSham(Saksham-Gopika)SS Part 5 - Telly  Updates » Movie Review

Saksham ; Why you came out ? You will miss your train.

Gopika : I am not bothered about it. If I not get it I will get another one. But I can’t get a friend like you if I will miss you.

Saksham : Gopika !!! I am fine

Gopika :It’s an iron rod, it’s septic, It has pierced inside your leg. Saksham , we need to go hospital. You can’t drive at this condition also and I don’t know driving.

Saksham : Gopika , car is parked at the station only naa ,so no problem.

Gopika : Wait let me check ,

Gopika asked help from a railway guard. Saksham in pain looked Gopika and he recalled his moments with her.

With the help of guards Gopika managed to take Saksham to hospital. Doctor removed the rod and dressed up wound .

Doctor ; Let him rest for an hour . He should not move his leg for some time

Gopika : Ji.

Saksham : Thanks a lot Gopika . But because of me you wasn’t able to go home.

Gopika : Saksham please how long you keep uttering that again ? Saksham please take rest.

Saksham ; It was unbelievable for me that you took me to hospital. Usually you scares much.

Gopika : I was very much scared, but Saksham I forgot all the fear because I was worried for you. Before your pain my fear is nothing. I felt I should move forward rather than sitting and crying in a corner .

Saksham ; I am happy to see this change in you Gopika.

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Gopika : I got two friends – You and Maya. You both always stood with me whenever I faced any trouble. Today the turn was mine to help you. And don’t think that I am always a bheegi billi. Waqt aane par mein sherni  bhi ban jawungi

Saksham ; I don’t know that. You are a cute Sherni.

Gopika : You are also so cute

Gopika pinched Saksham’s cheeks

O re manwa tu to bawra hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai

Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte
Jo barsein sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
Nainon ko moond moond

Kaise main chaloon
Dekh na sakoon
Anjaane raaste

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara [2] plays….

AN ; Sorry , due to lack of time and some work, this episode was short, I will try to make next one as long

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