Udaariyaan 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrik ousts Jasmin

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The Episode starts with Jasmin saying I will go and apologize. Rupy stops her. Tejo says let us go. He says I told you, Fateh doesn’t deserve Tejo, he just saw one lie and left her, she apologized to him but he left her. Tejo says because I have hurt him a lot. He says you won’t go. She says I cheated them, Jasmin did wrong, give me a chance to explain. She says give a chance to rectify the mistake. Angad says if she doesn’t go today, then she will regret always, let her go. Rupy lets Tejo go. Tejo and Jasmin leave with Angad. Khushbeer recalls Tejo’s words. Door bell rings. Tejo and Jasmin knock the door and ask them to open the door, give one chance. Fateh asks Mahi to not open the door. He asks everyone to go inside. Buzo asks Fateh to let them come in once. Fateh says I regret that she broke my trust, I can’t forgive Tejo. Satti worries. Lovely says Tejo is sensible, don’t worry. Satti says Tejo and Fateh’s relation… Lovely consoles her. Satti worries.

Jasmin says we have come to apologize, please open the door. Amrik gets Jasmin’s bag. He opens the door. Jasmin says I knew it, you won’t punish Tejo for my mistake. He says you are right, you should be punished, I really loved you, we can’t forget your crimes, I have taken my decision. He gives her bag. Tejo stops him. Amrik says I used to respect you a lot, but maybe I can’t respect you now, you made fun of my brother’s love, please leave. Tejo stays outside and sees Fateh. Jasmin says Tejo is in this problem because of me, I have to go. Angad says no need to get between them, unless you are worried that Tejo will convince Fateh, just wait here. Tejo and Fateh cry and recall their moments. Fateh goes on terrace and sees Tejo. He calls her out. She apologizes to him. He comes to her. She says I know I have made a mistake, I m ready to repent, punish me, think of Jasmin and Amrik. Fateh says their relation was wrong, he was afraid of her, he can’t forget her crime, I will never forgive you, if I do, then I can’t meet Amrik’s eyes, you have spoiled everything, you got the lie between our love. She says Jasmin is already punished that she got ousted. He says no, she should also know the fear of living under fear. He goes. She cries.

Its morning, police comes to Sandhu house to arrest Jasmin. Angad asks who filed the complaint. Inspector says Fateh Singh Virk did. Tejo says she is Virk family bahu, it’s a family matter. Rupy says take her. Harman and Biji stop him. He says she ruined everyone’s lives. Satti says don’t let her go, please. Tejo says don’t do this. Rupy says she is the eclipse on your life, she ruined everything, let her go, that’s her real place. Inspector says we have arrest warrant, if Fateh takes the complaint back, then something can happen. Tejo asks him to stop. Inspector says Jasmin declared a person dead and framed Amrik. Jasmin gets arrested. Angad says keep courage, we will free Jasmin, don’t worry. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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