Udaariyaan 28th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmin Gets Amrik’s Support

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Udaariyaan 28th Feb 2022 Written Update

The episode begins with Jasmin explaining why no one should follow me. The guard leaves and shuts the shutter. Fateh and Tejo exit from the window. Guards spot the two and shouts at them who are they and asks them to stop. Guard phone Jasmin and says that a man and a girl were in and jumped from the windows and fled. Jasmin claims it’s Fateh and Tejo Did they witness the man. Tejo says that if we could have seen the man’s face, we’d have had an evidence against Jasmin. Tejo tends to his injury.

He takes care of her injured wound. She reminisces about their encounter. He promises that you won’t be with me again If anything happens to you, then… it’s enough. Once we rescue Amrik We won’t have to worry about such moments. I’d like to start your life together again. She states that until Amrik is free of Jasmin We can’t live up to our desires. He tells me to close my eyes and look at Amrik when I open my eyes and look you in the eyes and ask you what I do. He smiles and sets his hair. They depart and chat about their journey. They meet Swaran as they travel. He pulls over the vehicle. He and Swaran hug. He asks him why you didn’t join in Simran’s wedding. She says I went to Haldi, but you didn’t get to meet me. She snatches his ears. She mentions that Nakul’s birthday is today. He informs Tejo about the children of Swaran. He says , I’ll take you to the drop, and then come. They put Swaran to the car. Fateh affirms that you win every time in Ludo and we really miss you. Swaran adds that we too are missing you very much and is everything okay. Tejo says that life isn’t easy and tensions will always be there and there is always some solution. Swaran talks about her husband’s words.

Fateh and Tejo return home. Jasmin notices them and wonders why they’re looking at me in this way. I need to know what they are aware of. Tejo asks why you look so scared. Jasmin states that I’m not scared, but where did you go? I must put in the line back. He asks who was paying for the amount. She asks who. Tejo shows the picture. Jasmin is convinced that the man’s face isn’t there which means that they didn’t look at her. Tejo asks you what’s your strategy. Jasmin declares that your plan is great You will always stand close to me. I also help widows because my husband was killed by her husband in the crash the woman wasn’t able to attend and her brother came to get the money. take it to the police. She is scolding Tejo.

Jasmin tells her that she must keep you in check. She takes the rope and requests Tejo to join her side. Tejo walks over back to the side of her, and meets Fateh. Jasmin warns her, and then goes. Fateh states that we were rushed to talk to her. be careful Tejo. Tejo is chasing Jasmin and is a scolding. She walks away. Jasmin is throwing the vase. She tells her that if you want to make to prove me wrong and I’ll not let you. she heads to Amrik. He invites her to stay and enjoy tea together. She is sitting and sipping tea. She is crying. She takes the cup. He asks if you’re fine. She says no. Fateh and Tejo are staying there, but they don’t want you remain fine. They would like me to go. Amrik declares that you’re my wife. They don’t believe this. She claims I’ve tried to alter my mind. Fateh and Tejo arrive. Jasmin is asking Amrik to inquire about them, what they do to keep following her. She replies that Amrik was the one who caused that accident she went out to help his brother. Amrik worries. Jasmin claims they went after me. I paid cash to them for them to shut their mouths They were questioning me If that person saw them snapping pictures how would he react I am trying to help you. Amrik I am sure Tejo has sparked the fire. You have my husband. and I am Virk family Bahu, I’ve committed many mistakes in the past but now I’m trying to improve how do I go about doing it to prove that I truly desire to change? I only get one chance? shouldn’t I be given a second chance it’s hard to accept my apology. She breaks down crying. Amrik consoles her.

Tejo says that everyone is bored by your drama. Amrik fights with her. Fateh states that Jasmin will never change. Amrik is stopped and takes Jasmin’s hand. Jasmin smiles.

Amrik demands Tejo to keep out of their family issues. Rupy insists that she wants to bring the daughter to be here. Tejo asks me to wait 7 days and I’ll solve the problem and then return.

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