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Udaariyaan 25th Feb 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Buzo’s father saying”stop!” or I’ll never bless you. Buzo is taking Simran on a trip to the mandap. She claims it’s wrong to get married without the blessings of elders. Buzo requests the bride to sit. Fateh believes that Buzo has displayed a lot of courageand is awe inspiring. Buzo’s father says that he has become insane. Buzo and Simran are on the couch. Simran says to think about it. He requests that pandit start the mantras. Buzo’s mother begs her dad. Tejo and all of them request. Angad asks Jasmin Ji, Pandit is beginning mantras, come, Tejo will win, you’ll lose, get out and end Simran’s marriage. Jasmin arrives. Angad goes away and suggests that it’s possible that your stomach chosen to be upset today. Buzo and Simran make their wedding tours.

Everyone showers with flowers. Angad appears and smiles upon seeing the flowers. Jasmin is seen leaving the bathroom and runs back. Buzo forces Simran to wear mangalsutra. He fills sindoor. Gurpreet tears up joyously. Buzo as well as Simran smile. Pandit announces that the wedding is complete. Everyone claps. Satti says congrats. Jasmin arrives. Angad says that you missed the call, but you didn’t mention that your stomach was upset. I was thinking that I have medicine. I’m able to help, will drink water. Fateh hugging Simran along with Buzo. Everyone hug them. Jasmin is taking the medication. Khushbeer hugs Simran. Jasmin says that I’ll meet you. Angad is there to wish the bride and groom. Jasmin observes the dad of Buzo in the corner. She believes I’ll be able to take the game back in my hands once more.

She visits the father of Buzo and says sorry. Buzo has slammed Simran for your sake. they are in love and therefore Buzo has accepted someone’s blood. it’s not as simple, but now Candy is the heir to the Janjua family, thank you. Tejo declares that she is blessed Buzo and Simran the couple, their marriage would be not complete with out your prayers. Buzo’s dad has said that I’ll let you as well as Simran due to your mom however, that child who is not legitimate will not be allowed to visit my home. Simran worries.

She asks, how do I do in a world without him. Buzo’s father asks her to consider her options. Simran insists that I can’t accept this. I’m not able to leave my child to himself. He agrees, and stay with us. Jasmin believes that you are doing a good job, but you have proven that you are more insistent. Buzo says , okay, If your son isn’t there, the child won’t be there too, and I am Candy’s father, and we’ll raise him in a family, and it’s good. Tejo wants Buzo’s dad to take in the pain of Simran and stop this from happening. Buzo’s mother states that Buzo has a wedding Simran, Candy is her son, Buzo is his dad, Simran and Candy will join us and remain with us. Buzo’s dad scolds her. Simran hugs her.

Mum Buzo asks where’s Candy. Simran wants to know where is Candy. Satti states that I taken Simran to the room along with Dilraj. Fateh sets out to find Candy. He is asked by Dilraj where he is. Dilraj states that he is in the area. Fateh is thinking he heard all the things. He searches for him. Simran questions where has my Candy disappear to. All of them search for Candy. Simran claims that I shouldn’t have gotten married. I’m wondering where is my son. Fateh claims he’s not there. Khushbeer and Buzo’s father argue. Nimmo claims that Jasmin has been doing this. Jasmin says that her stomach is upset. I suggest you ask Angad for clarification if you aren’t convinced. Angad confirms that she’s correct. Jasmin blames Buzo’s dad. Tejo ceases to hear Candy crying. She discovers Candy hidden in the bed, buried in an empty bag. She explains that her uncle shouted in frustration. She says that you’re so adorable. He wasn’t mad at you. He says he called me illegitimate. He said he didn’t say this to you. How do I survive without my mum You talk to your uncle, and anyone listens to your. Simran hugs Candy. He claims I was scared and hid under the mattress.

She promises that she will never repeat it. He calls Buzo’s dad and tells him to not scold my mom, go home. I’m going to promise you that I’ll never bother me with phone calls. If I don’t see her, I’ll kiss her photo. Buzo’s dad tears up and comforts her. jasmin is furious. Buzo’s father says that you will be coming to our home, and you will be calling me Dadu. Everyone is happy. Simran apologizes for everyone. Simran apologizes for everything. Khushbeer says that this could be avoided If I weren’t so determined. He is hugging her. Simran is hugging his family members. Her bidaai is done. Simran thank Tejo. Tejo insists that she stay satisfied. Simran takes the rice back. Gurpreet tears. Jasmin is watching. Simran leaves. Jasmin is convinced that I must make something of Tejo.

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