Udaariyaan 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s romance

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The Episode starts with Jasmin coming to Fateh’s room and looking for the letter. She opens the drawer. Fateh comes. She gets tensed and turns. He asks what are you doing in my room. She says I came to get the ring size. He says you could have asked me. He opens the drawer. He shows her a ring. He says I m going to meet Tejo, I will give it to her. She says okay. He stops her. He says I want us to keep distance, I m starting a new life with Tejo, you already started a new life with Amrik. She sks did Tejo say anything. He says she got you forgiven, else I would have never forgiven you. She thinks I still have this chance to find the letter. He asks do you want to say something. She says nothing. Tejo and Fateh have a talk on phone. Tejo says its our roka happening, marriage still has time. He asks her to meet. She says we are meeting in the evening, control, we can’t meet alone. He asks what if your Sasuma calls you. Navraj comes and says Gurpreet called you for shopping. Fateh says I have done this setting, come soon. She ends call. He thinks will Tejo tell me what was Angad doing there. Jasmin thinks if Fateh learns that Tejo lied to save me, then he will never forgive her. Fateh leaves.

Biji calls out Gurpreet and asks her to come fast. She shows Swaran’s pic with Ajit. She says Swaran can never do this. Gurpreet calls Nimmo. Kiran answers and asks how are you, mum is in kitchen, tell me. Biji asks what is this nonsense about Swaran. Kiran says Ajit has done a magic on Swaran, he is her childhood friend. Gurpreet asks her to send Nakul and find out who printed this news. Kiran says Swaran has made her sons out, so Vikram… Nimmo stops her. Gurpreet asks what Vikram. Nimmo says don’t tell anyone. Biji says Nimmo is teaching this to Kiran. Gurpreet says I will not leave her this time if she is involved.

Gurpreet and Satti, along with everyone meet for shopping. Fateh signs Tejo. Mahi sees them and signs Gurpreet and Satti. They laugh. Satti asks them to do some shopping. Fateh says we will go for shopping. Satti says you do shopping for own clothes. Mahi takes Tejo. Navraj takes Fateh. Jasmin says it’s the right time, Fateh isn’t at home, I will go and find the letter. Candy is in Fateh’s room. He takes few things and goes. Jasmin looks for the letter. Fateh signs to Tejo when she shows the dress. Satti comes and laughs. Fateh turns away. He goes to try the clothes. Tejo also goes for the trial. Jasmin says if anyone gets that letter, then…. No… I have to find that letter, it can ruin the family’s happiness, I should not delay in telling Amrik. She calls him. The number is not reachable. Tejo tries a dress. She struggles to zip the back. She says what shall I do, I can’t go out, there is no network to call Mahi. She looks outside the trial room and sees Fateh.

She calls him and asks him to open the hook of the dress. He says its odd, don’t you think, here in the trail room. She says hook isn’t opening, don’t say nonsense, I know what to felt. He laughs. They get close and recalls their moments. Saans….plays…. The lady asks Tejo to open the door. Fateh asks how will I go out. Tejo laughs. He says sorry, be quiet, anyone can see. She says you will go out of ladies trial room, go now. He says I will go. She asks how. He says with style. He gets dressed as a lady and leaves. Tejo also leaves. He removes the dress. Tejo laughs seeing him. He holds her in arms. She shows someone and runs away, laughing. He runs after her.

Candy plays with the plane. He shows it to Bau ji. The plane goes near Jasmin. She doesn’t see and goes. Fateh and Tejo leave with everyone. The lady says this pandit/baba isn’t fraud, his prediction is never wrong. Fateh and Tejo walk on the road. A heavy sack falls down the auto. Fateh pulls her. Satti shouts Tejo. she worries.

Gurpreet says we got really good clothes this time. She asks Jasmin to come, why does she look worried. She shows the clothes. She sees Candy’s plane and throws it. She says Candy is playing with this plane since morning. Jasmin sees the letter and thinks is that the paper. She tries to check. Mahi takes the paper and plays. Fateh comes and picks the paper. Jasmin worries.

Tejo asks Fateh to promise to love her and every relation of her, he will always trust her. Angad says your interest is just in Fateh. Jasmin says yes, I love Fateh and want to get him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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