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Latest Udaariyaan Episode Tellyupdates.

Udaariyaan Serial Latest Written Episode

Udaariyaan Latest Episode Written Updates
Udaariyaan Latest Episode Tellyupdates

The episode begins with the football game taking place. Jasmin watches. Ratan Singh college score is still zero. Another college scores 5 points. The woman says we’ll have a meeting in the second half. Tejo assigns a person with the newly appointed coach. The lady calls the coach to show up to the principal’s office. He is called. Tejo meets the students, and leaves. Tejo is taken to the coach and makes use of chloroform to weaken him. He is tied up. She says we must address the issue right and now we need to get Fateh down. Jasmin considers the location of Tejo Maybe she’s crying. Tejo wants Fateh to change into coach clothes. The team is in the changing rooms. Fateh changes clothes and then comes. The principal calls the player out and asks him what’s wrong, this game is about our reputation, and we need to play in the finals. Fateh is turned away. She gets a phone call. Fateh goes away. Tejo is watching and follows his footsteps. Fateh is with the team. He yells: Where is Josh Show me this spirit, and you’ll never be a loser.

Jasmin contacts the trainer. She heads to the storeroom and is greeted by the peon. Tejo sprays her face. She is able to catch Jasmin and she takes her. Jasmin shouts. Tejo as well as the woman secure her. Tejo locks her. She declares that Fateh could have reached her. Tejo brings drinks to the group. Fateh inspires them.

Gurpreet says that I’ve made this for you. I didn’t think of you as a bridesmaids. Mahi says you look so cute. Simran smiles. Gurpreet promises you to appear more attractive. Simran thank her. Gurpreet affirms that Fateh is also aware of the value of love. I’d like to see my family to be happy. Simran advises her to not be worried. Fateh states that we’ll alter our strategy. We will be attacking only without cross-passing. Jasmin attempts to get free of herself. Jasmin shouts. Fateh tells you you’ll have 45 minutes, no one can steal it Give your best shot to the time, it are yours, set the goals for your college, yourself or your parents, at national and state-level. He wishes the athletes everything they can. Tejo wants to join the team. He claims it will not be good. She tells you to go, it’s imp. I’ve sent Jasmin and her coach away and wish them I wish them all the very best. He thanks me and we’ll be successful If you’re with me.

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Satti praises Tejo. Everyone can see Tejo on television. Fateh is cheering on behalf of the pupils. Jasmin shouts for assistance. Fateh demands that the students play with respect. Principal asks what’s Fateh doing, as I’ve expelled him. Tejo claims that the team has a need for him. I’ll inform you when I get back.

Everyone is aware of Fateh and wonders if they will see him after the game. The team scores. Tejo asks for miracles. Mahi says that students at college will be able to see that a great coach will help them win. Simran and Mahi hope that the team succeeds. Nimmo believes that if Tejo’s team wins, my mannat would be fulfilled. Jasmin attempts to get away. Fateh requests that the team make an objective. The team hits another goal. Rupy is furious with Fateh. Satti demands that he acknowledge the truth. Rupy states that I don’t love Fateh which means that I don’t love him. I’m his father I am sure he’s not the best for him. Lovely claims that Tejo lives in the home. Rupy declares that’s my terrible destiny, I had to leave her to save humanity. Don’t think I’m happy. after Jasmin’s situation is over, I’ll contact Tejo back. Jasmin demands assistance. Coach tries to open the door. Jasmin hears his voice. She shouts to help someone. She opens the door.

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