Udaariyaan 11th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh Surprises Tejo

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Udaariyaan 11th March 2022 Written Update

The show begins with Gurpreet saying that he is happy to hear that Amrik loves Jasmin. Gurpreet states that he believes it’s not his fear, it’s something else. Tejo listens to them and heads to check on Amrik and Jasmin content. She remembers Dara’s words. Jasmin wants Tejo to return. She asks, where did you go , leaving me? don’t go away and leave. Tejo says no where, how can I leave you? How do you feel. Jasmin says I feel better now. Tejo is asking Amrik to bring her an espresso for her. He heads out. Satti arrives and says that we could take Jasmin back home. She asks where you leave. Tejo says that you are welcome to leave, I’ll remain with Jasmin. Gurpreet affirms that Amrik is not going to let you stay , he’s looking after Jasmin well. Tejo says that yes, I’ve brought breakfast for Jasmin and she should take the bag. Gurpreet says sure. The two go. Tejo tells me I’d like to know more about for your permission to ask… Fateh comes and asks you where you go. Tejo decides on what she should do. She says that I went to the orphanage in order to give clothes to the children to help Jasmin. Jasmin says that you’re really wonderful, and she thanks you. She gives hugs to Tejo.

Amrik receives coffee in exchange to Tejo. He gives pomegranate juice to Jasmin. She wants to know how you know. He says we were great acquaintances before, and now you’re my wife. Fateh and Tejo leave for a night out. Tejo asks if you are fine.

Satti serves samosas for everyone. She states that Jasmin has changed now and she was seeking information about Tejo, Amrik has forgotten everything, he’s taking charge of her, I pray she gets better and begins a new journey, Gurpreet was there, I was embarrassed that they had forgotten everything. Bebe believes this incident could be a chance to transform her. Rupy insists that we should not forget her mistakes They feel for her. Tejo is distinct. Satti claims that Amrik does this from his heart. Rupy says I’m happy she was saved, but I’m not going to beg her forgiveness. Bebe believes it’s great if Jasmin does not hurt anyone else. Rupy believes Tejo could be home by in the near future.

Fateh and Tejo return home. Tejo is tense and is holding her. He informs her that you must leave tomorrow and we’re not able to help Amrik. Mahi notices this and heads to her mother to inform her. Dilraj declares that Tejo’s birthday is tomorrowand she will be returning to her home tomorrow. Everyone is smiling. Dilraj manages the celebration. Fateh asks if you are puzzled about the fact that Jasmin is changingand you must find out the truthful or not. He tells you not to worry I’ll reveal the truth. Amrik is becoming more enthused towards her.

Tejo is thinking about how I can claim that I have discovered the truth, yet I want her to share the truth with them. Everyone praises Tejo. Fateh believes that I will investigate an honest answer and persuade Tejo I will take you back to your home with the right. Rupy believes I’ll be able to get Tejo engaged to someone that respects her.

Tejo remembers all the words spoken by everyone. She tells me that I must speak to Jasmin first. This fact will alter everything. She is praying. Someone knocks at the door. She checks the door. She notices the sign, Welcome to the fairytale that is yours. She reads her note to Fateh on the door and smiles. Fateh smiles seeing her. Both get dressed to the nines. They dance. Bin Tere Kya ….plays …. She slices the cake. They take it to eat. He wishes her a happy birthday. She thanks him, it’s the best gift. He praises the Lord. He says that my birthday is coming up. He says it’s already 12. She claims that we can have accomplished it tomorrow. He says no, you won’t be there tomorrow, you’ve made promises to Rupy, he will not allow me to come What should I do to put an end to his hate. She claims we’re together right now. He promises that we’ll be together. my delight isn’t over yet. The shower of flowers. They reminisce about their time. The dancers are on the Hame Tumse…

Fateh as well as Tejo perform dances in the field. Mai to Tere Piche ….plays…

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