Twisted Fate Of The Empire – Chapter 5

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Recap: Ram, Bharath and Varun part ways for their mission. Hanuman and Ram meet in the boat. Hanuman indicates Ram to meet Vashisht in Mithila. Urvi meets Subhadra

Chapter 5 : Love at First Sight

Kailash, same day when Ram, Bharat and Varun left Jalandhra 

Shiva is busy in his court proceedings when Nandi runs inside

Nandi: Highness ….highness an emergency 

Shiva: What happened Nandi? 

Nandi: Messengers from Ayodhya are here

Shiva: Ayodhya? Bring them inside

Nandi: Okay highness 

Nandi brings the messenger in

Shiva: Whats the message?

Messenger: I will tell it to Sati Devi only and not to a tribal king

The courtiers get enraged but on the contrary Shiva just smiles

Shiva: Nandi please call Devi Sati to the court

Nandi: But your highness how can he…?

Shiva: Nandi its the issue between me and my in law house, bring Sati here

Nandi nods and goes to fetch Sati

Sati’s chamber

Sati is busy with the flowers making garlands when a maid comes to her

Maid: Devi Sati Nandi is here 

Sati: Let him in

Seconds later Nandi enters the chamber with a dull face. Sati notices it

Sati: What happened Nandi?

Nandi: Nothing your highness, Mahadev wants you at the court 

Sati: Anything important?

Nandi is unable to hide anything from Sati and blabbers the happenings 

Sati: These people will never change…Pithaji will never let them to change? Come lets go

Sati and Nandi rush to the court. Once Sati enters the messenger frowns at her

Messenger: Devi you look so unwell only if you had listened to the king

Sati: Shut up, just tell me whats the message 

Messenger: The news of your pregnancy has reached the ears of King Dasharath and the people of Ayodhya and they are displeased to hear that the heir of a tribal king is in the womb of our noble princess. People of Ayodhya are also angry on the princess for snatching their Prince from them for her cause so 

Sati: So?

Messenger: So you have to apologise for your mistakes to the people of Ayodhya and the king in the court of Ayodhya 

The courtiers gasp in dismay

Messenger: You have to come with me

Sati: Did Pithaji send you?

Messenger: Yes Devi Sati, the king must be in Jalandhar right now but will reach Ayodhya by the time we reach. So please come with me

Sati: If I dont?

Messenger: Then the King has asked me to arrest you

A courtier: How dare you arrest our queen?

Nandi: How did you even utter those words?

Shiva raises his hand and silences them. He gets up and walks to Sati and puts his hand around her shoulder 

Shiva: I called Sati here because I didn’t want to hinder her connection with her mother’s house. That doesn’t mean you can do anything here

Messenger: I will do what Im ordered, you tribal cant stop me

The messenger tries to grab Sati’s hand when Shiva pushes him down. As soon as he falls the messenger makes a strange noise and suddenly there is chaos outside the palace.

Shiva: Nandi see what’s going on outside

Nandi runs outside and comes back after few minutes 

Nandi: Mahadev, this messenger was not alone, few soldiers are here too and they are trying to barge in

Shiva: Let them inside

Nandi: Mahadev…

Shiva’s stern gaze makes Nandi obey him. The soldiers run inside

Messenger: This tribal pushed me down, defeat him and capture Devi Sati as hostage 

Sati: Dont you dare

But before Sati could finish it the soldiers approach Shiva and Sati. Shiva grabs his Trishool with anger burning inside and steps infront of Sati. Shiva’s soldiers rush inside

Shiva: Stop wherever you are, it is the fight for my wife and I will do it myself 

Shiva aims his Trishool at the soldier approaching Sati. The soldier makes a mocking face and extends his hand to grab Sati when Shiva attacks him. Before anyone could realise anything all the soldiers are on the ground.

Shiva: Nandi take these people to our medical chamber treat them and get them ready to be sent back to Ayodhya with our messenger. The court is adjourned 

Shiva takes Sati inside.

Shiva: Sati..what happened? Your face is dull?

Sati: I didn’t think that Pithaji will go to this extent. I thought that the child will…..

Shiva: Dont worry he will understand us soon and accept us too

Sati: I lost that hope now Swami, people of Ayodhya are under a wrong king..see how they behaved… I just wish Ram takes over the throne from Pithaji

Shiva: That will happen when the time is right. You take rest. 

Though Shiva pacifies Sati , Anger still burns inside him.With him in a deep thinking the scene freezes.

Way to Mahishmati , That day afternoon 

Bharat is rushing his horse to reach Mahishmati before Duryodhan starts from Jalandhar. On the way his mind is wandering around Ram’s due of 15 days

Bharat in mind: Why did Bhrata give a due? What is the motive behind it?

As he is in a deep thinking a Palanquin overtakes him. On seeing it he is dumbstruck 

Bharat in mind: I…I saw it somewhere…..

Thats when he remembers the happenings of the previous night 

Bharat in mind: may be Ashwathama….Duryodhan is staying back in Jalandhar and has sent Ashwathama safely to Mahishmati. I must do something 

He makes his horse to walk faster and his horse dashes on the Palanquin making it stop. The soldiers recognise Bharat 

Soldier: What happened your highness?

Bharat stumbles and then : My horse is too tired I guess…you are going to Mahishmati right?

The soldiers look at each other and : Yes…your highness 

Bharat: No one at the palace told me that Devi Bhanumati too came to the get together 

Soldier: Devi Bhanumati is in Mahishmati your highness 

Bharat: Acha…on seeing the Palanquin I thought that she is inside

The soldiers realise that they have got caught in Bharat’s trap

Bharat catches their look and smiles to himself and hops off the horse

Bharat: Who inside this Palanquin?

Soldier : A guest of The Kaurav brothers your highness

Bharat notices that the screen of the Palanquin is pushed aside by a lady’s hands as the bangle sounds catch his attention. Seeing her hand one of the soldiers’ goes to her and few seconds later

Soldier: Your highness Devi wants to talk to you 

Bharat is taken aback. Slowly the screen moves aside completely and a girl comes out (Nandhini

( Note : Bharat was not there during the war of Aditya and Nandh. He doesn’t know how Nandhini looks like)

Nandhini: So inquisitive you are

Bharat is lost in her beauty but soon gets to  reality

Bharat: Sorry to interfere you

Nandhini: No issues..

Bharat: You are ?

Nandhini: Duhita a distant relative of Kaurav brothers. If your doubts are cleared may I leave?

Bharat: No one mentioned your presence yesterday?

Nandhini: Im not that famous 

Saying this Nandhini aka Duhita enters the Palanquin and the Palanquin leaves.

Bharat in mind: Duhita…she is beautiful but her eyes…oh come on Bharat let us leave for the work for which we came. Its much more important 

Bharat hops on his horse and leaves from there. The scene freezes 

At the River bank , Late evening of the day

Its late in the evening, Hanuman is still sitting on the tree spying on the man. There is a hooting sound and The man suddenly gets up and walks faster towards the woods. Hanuman jumps off the tree and follows him in silence. The man enters the woods and there is another man in the deep woods. Hanuman climbs another tree and stays silent

Man 1(who was waiting under the tree): Why did you take so much time? I came from Jalandhra in the morning 

Man 2: I had to see the right time na

Man 1: Okay listen…you have to leave for Lanka

Man2 : Why?

Man 1 : To kill that Arjun

Man 2 : Without a penny how can I go?

Man 1 takes out a pouch and hands it over to the other person

Man 1 : Nandhini devi gave it to me for you

Man 2 : How is she?

Man 1 : How will she be until our goal is reached. Now dont waste time and leave soon. Ill inform our other mates and tell them to join you at Rameshwar 

Man 2 leaves from there while the Man 1 walks into a ruined temple nearby and lies down there. Hanuman slowly gets off the tree and goes to ruined temple

Hanuman in mind : Why is he waiting here? Should I wait or should I leave

Suddenly he hears more foot steps and climbs the tree again. Men reach the ruined temple and they hoot again making the Man 1 come out

One among the men: Sisipal saab you called us here

The man 1 (Sisupal) : For an important job. Everyone is planning to make that Ashwathama the king as per our plan. Duryodhan and Dusshasan are also a part of the plan now

Man in group: How did they?

Sisupal: It was the greatness of our Nandhini devi. And you guys have spread the rumours of Aditya marrying Nandhini and people have started to hate him. Now I need you guys to do something else too

Group: As per your orders

Sisupal: 3 of you go to Rameshwar. Bhallaldev will be there, along with him go to Lanka and kill Arjun and if possible kill that Krishna too. Rest of you go to Gandhar and meet Mantri Shakuni. He has work for you. On the way if you meet that Vaanar Hanuman kill him without a mercy

Guy in group: Why him?

Sisupal: He looks like a good creature but is a brutal spy of that Krishna. Kill him the at first sight 

Hearing this Hanuman doesn’t get fear but gets a sneeze. He tries hard to control it but sneeze comes out beyond his control grabbing the attention of everyone. They grow concerned and search the bushes making the bats flap on their faces

Sisupal: Bats you leave

Everyone leave from there. Hanuman jumps down after knowing that the coast is clear. The scene freezes 

Mithila , outskirts ie., the house of Vashisht, next Morning , early hours

Ram ties his horse near the lake where Sita and Draupadi came by boat few nights ago

Ram then proceeds to the hut of Vashisht . He is tired from the travel of a day and night and so is his horse so the horse is happy to find lush grass on the banks and abundant water for its needs in lake while Ram reaches the hut

Man: Who are you?

Ram: Im Ram, the prince of….Ayodhya and now from Prince Aditya

The man bows to him as Ram shows him the symbol of Mahishmati 

Man: Ill ask the permission of Guruji before letting you in

Ram nods and the man sprints inside and comes out within seconds 

Man: You can go inside 

Ram walks inside and bows to Vashisht 

Ram: Honoured to meet you Oh Great Vashisht 

Vashisht: Honour is to meet the great Prince of Ayodhya

Ram: Vashisht ji my mind it full of confusions and someone told me that you are great in astrology and medicine so I came to sought help from you

Vashisht: I don’t want to boast but happy that Im privileged to help you

He takes Ram’s hand in his

Ram: Vashisht ji…people are conspiring against my Prince Aditya will I be able to break that at any cost? Will I be able to help Prince Aditya by any means so that I repay the kindness he has shown to me

Vashisht smiles and: Ram your role will be very pivotal through which you will not only help Prince Aditya but also the mankind

Ram: What about family? Will Pithaji ever accept Didi? 

Vashisht: Human emotions are like tide, they change their pattern very often. Your family will not only be your sister and parents, you will get a wife too. 

Ram : Anything else about my future?

Vashisht gets a palm leaf from a bundle and looks into it

Ram: You have my horoscope?

Vashisht: We have the horoscopes of all princes, kings, princesses and queens with us

After looking into the palm leaf

Vashisht: You will meet the love of your life soon. You will repay the kindness that Prince Aditya has shown to you by 1000 times. You will travel overseas, meet many people, gain many enemies and a few trues friends too. World will sing your praises for centuries 

Ram smiles and gets up

Ram: You didn’t answer me directly but yet answered every confusion of mine. Ill take your leave

Ram comes out gets his horse, freshens up and enters the city of Mithila. Mithila though an old capital seemed to have the more royal feel than any city under the rule of King Pandu. Ram looked at the tall raised buildings, well built drains and wide roads as he proceeded towards the palace. At the gates he again shows the symbol of Mahishmati and enters the palace.

Sita’s chamber

A maid runs to Sita and Draupadi who are busy with their talks

Maid: Your highness someone wants to meet you

Sita: Who is it?

Maid: Prince Ram from Prince Aditya

Sita: Bring him to our garden, Ill be there 

Sita gets up and Draupadi too gets up

Sita: Panchali you come after sometime 

She whispers something to Draupadi and goes to garden.

Ram enters the garden from another entrance . He is walking behind the maid and his eyes fall on Sita who is also entering the garden from her chamber. Their eyes meet

The world comes to a standstill for both of them. They get near each other with their eyes lost into the other’s eyes. Twisted Fate Of The Empire – Chapter 5The rising morning sun suddenly goes behind the clouds not will to interrupt their private moments so does the maid. Birds chirp happily. Butterflies flutter around them

Both Ram and Sita feel as if they found the purpose for their life now. And along with the flowers which are blooming in the morning hours love also blooms in the hearts of Ram and Sia. The episode freezes 

Next Chapter : To Task

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