True love lives forever… (episode 1)

hi..iam Arohi sharma. Iam writing FF for first so kindly support me. It will be a continuation track from Holi festival..đź’–


Akshu is roaming here and there thinking something..

Akshu in mind:ohh my godd..iam missing Abhi terribly as if i dint see him for years. I need to meet him but how?

Akshu eats chocolates in tension and thinks..

Akshu in mind: i don’t like and even abhi don’t celebrate Holi. Then what’s the use of him staying with his family? I will go and take him somewhere and spend some beautiful time..


Birla’s too join goenka’s in celebrating Holi after much hesitation and then suddenly abhi takes Neil separately shocking him..

Niel:abhi..iam not your akshu to take me privately. Iam your you remember that?

Abhi:hey nuts shut up for a minute. I took you here to inform you something important.

Niel:ohh.. what’s that important matter?

True love lives forever… (episode 1)
Abhi:i..i miss akshu so much. I feel as if i dint meet her for years.

Niel:really? Then why don’t you go and meet her as she is alone only in her house?

Abhi gets suprised..

Abhi:wow..nice idea. You are really brainless genius. Thank you so much..

Niel:ohh.. please shut up Abhi. One day i will take revenge for joking me..

Abhi:ok..sorry my sweet brother. Ok..bye iam leaving to akshu’s house.

Niel:wait.. wait..wait Abhi.

Abhi:why?what’s the matter Niel? Don’t tell me that you too want to come to eat your bhabhi’s kachoris..

Niel:you are too much Abhi. I thought to tell you to change your dress and go as you are painted with mud and if akshu sees you then she will surely faint.

Abhi smiles..

Abhi:i don’t care. I will show her that i celebrated holi as she thinks that i don’t. And i will make her too celebrate Holi as she hates.

Niel hits his head with his hand and..

Niel:fine do whatever you want but don’t come and disturb me if akshu runs away from you seeing your dirty costume.

Abhi:no..i won’t disturb you as i know that my akshu won’t react in negative way seeing me.

Niel:ok..then go and enjoy with her. Bye..

True love lives forever… (episode 1)

Abhi goes while Everyone’s phone including abhi’s was kept in a chair as they don’t want to get disturbed and Abhi goes away without taking his phone by forgetting and Arohi stands near that area and she sees everyone enjoying holi by applying colours and gets sad..

Arohi in mind: sometimes darkness overpowers colours and makes it black..even my life is such. I decided to change myself and i realised my mistake too. But god is still punishing me by making me hit Manjari aunty.. everyone doesn’t trust me except akshu. If this news gets to known to everyone then my life will go behind bars and my careers would end. So i will never let this happen and i hope it doesn’t happen..i hope akshu too saves me by hiding this matter.

Suddenly a message sound is heared from abhi’s phone and Arohi looks at the notification and gets shocked..

Arohi in mind:ohh..god. what is happening here? why is the detective sending message to Abhimanyu?did..did..he found the tt..truth?no.. this shouldn’t happen.i will better check and delete it before Abhimanyu comes..

Arohi takes abhi’s phone and sees a voice message and she hears it..

Detective’s voice:” investigation and research tells that culprit may belong to goenka’s family because when i checked the CCTV in that area..i saw a car hitting your mother which had with a tattoo stuck in the glass as kartik and sirat with their pics. Kartik sir is the son of Manish Goenka and sirat is his wife and they died years”

Arohi gets shocked and gets scared..

True love lives forever… (episode 1)
Arohi in mind:ohh no.. finally the detective have found. No one will understand that i did before it gets known to Abhimanyu..i should do something. First I’ll delete this message then i will take next step.

Arohi immediately deletes the message and suddenly Niel comes that side and he sees Arohi holding abhi’s phone and gets shocked…

Niel in mind:what the hell with this Arohi? How dare she take my abhi’s phone? I know she is planning something to spoil akshu and abhi’s life..i won’t leave her.

Niel immediately goes and grabs the phone from Arohi shocking her..

Niel:how dare you take abhi’s phone?

Arohi gets scared and stumbles..

Arohi:ac.. actually..i..i want to talk doctor Barta. And i..i don’t hav..have his number and..and that’s why i..i thought to take his number from abhimanyu’s phone.

Niel: wow..very brilliant lie miss.drama queen. I never saw such cheap persons like you. I know you are planning something bad but always remember that God will punish those who spoils other’s lives. So better change yourself..

Arohi gets teary on niel’s scoldings..

Arohi in mind:i was bad in past but i repented now. But still everyone conssiders me bad..why god why?. Why did you snatch my mother and father from me? If they were with me then i wouldn’t face this problems.. please help me lord.

True love lives forever… (episode 1)
Arohi:you believe or not..i swear on myself that i don’t have intentions to spoil anyone’s life. If you feel that iam lying then i can’t do anything to prove my innocence. But god is witnessing the don’t taunt me again.

Arohi leaves from there crying while Niel stands numb..

Niel in mind:weird girl!!. She is talking as if she is very good one. But i can’t trust her..i should keep an eye on her so that abhi and akshu bhabhi won’t face any troubles.

Arohi sits in a lonely place and cries..

True love lives forever… (episode 1)
Arohi:why do god keeps me always lonely?what sin did i do?it’s better to die rather than living the life like hell.. please take me to my mom and dad krishnaji please. I can’t tolerate anymore..i hit Manjari aunty by mistake but Abhimanyu is searching me to punish and no one will understand this except akshu. If Abhimanyu knows and punishes me then i will surely die.

Akshara is riding scooty towards birla’s house wearing helmet while Abhimanyu too drives bike towards Goenka house wearing helmet and suddenly both of them come across each other and Abhimanyu gets scared seeing akshu’s crazy driving and he leaves his balance and both of the bikes hit each other and they fall down..

Akshu and abhi:ouchhh..

Akshu:what the hell with you man? Why did you leave your hand in between driving your bike? Are you a mad to do stunts in middle of the road?

Abhi:ohh.. hello shut up miss. I left the balance because of seeing you driving crazily. I got scared and it’s not my fault and it’s only your fault.

Akshu throws stone on him and..

Akshu:if i drive crazily then where were you eyes? Were you looking at sky and driving?

Abhi:you have accepted that you drove crazily then it’s your mistake only..

She removes her helmet and angrily comes towards abhi while abhi gets shocked seeing her face…


Abhi laughs himself..

Abhi in mind:so i fought with my own girlfriend..

Abhi gets up immediately and pulls akshu closer shocking akshu..

Akshu:oii..what are you doing? Are you trying to misbehave with me?

Abhi removes his helmet shocking akshu and she makes a face seeing him muddy and laughs..

True love lives forever… (episode 1)

Akshu:so it was you? And i had fought with my own boyfriend..

Abhi:even i had with my own girlfriend. But it was nice to fight with you..

Akshu makes a fake angry face and.. are too stupid now.

Abhi:i just told simply.. don’t get angry now. Ok.. happy holi.

Akshu slowly smiles and..

Akshu:happy holi. But why are you dirty like as if you bathed with mud?

Abhi:you are right. I and Niel have enjoyed holi by swimming in the wet mud and now our family too started to enjoy.

Akshu gets suprised..

Akshu:really? Your family doesn’t celebrate Holi then how come..

Abhi:it’s true that my family doesn’t celebrate but me and Niel will always celebrate secretly and now we celebrated before family too and your bade papa have made my family too celebrate. It was really funny and nice..

Akshu gets sad..

Akshu:ohh..shit. i missed it..

Abhi: don’t worry..i will take you there. First we will celebrate Holi by applying colours..

Abhi comes near her to apply colours but akshu runs..

Akshu:abhi..stop it. I hate just spoils my face. Please don’t colour my face..

Abhi laughs..

Abhi:sorry..i love only the persons who have many colours in their face during Holi. I love so i have to colour you forcibly even if you don’t like to make you my lover on this special day too..


Abhi:yes.. please..

Abhi finally holds her and he slowly applies the colours by joining his cheeks with hers and akshu too gets romantic and enjoys the moment..

True love lives forever… (episode 1)
Both smiles and they dance romantically throwing colours at each other..

Aa… aa…
Aye humnava mujhe apna bna le
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhigaa de

Hmm… Hoon akela zara hath badha de
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhigaa de

Kabse mein dar dar phir raha
Musafir dil ko panaah de
Tu aawargi ko meri aaj thehra de…

Ho sake toh thoda pyaar jata de…
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhigaa de

True love lives forever… (episode 1)

Aa.. aa..
Murjhaayi si shaakh pe dil ki
Phul khilte hai kyun
Baat gulon ki zikr mahek ka
Acha lagta hai kyun
Un rangon se tune milayaa
Jinse kabhi main mil nahi paayaa
Dil karta hai tera shukriya
Issi bahare tu laa de

Dil ka sunaa banjar mehka de
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

Hm… Hoon akela zara hath badha de
Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de

Waise toh mausam guzre hai
Zindagi main kayi
Par ab na jaane kyun mujhe woh
Lag rahe hai haseen

True love lives forever… (episode 1)

Tere aane par jaana maine
Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main
Jeene laga hoon main
Ab yeh fizaayein
Chehre ko chutti hawaayein

Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le
Sukhi padhi dil ki is zameen ko bheega de

Hoo.. Hoon akela zara hath badha de
Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bheega de


Then they finaih their dance and abhi makes akshu sit on his bike and..

Abhi:now we will go to my house.

Akshu:but iam scared whether my dadi will tell me anything as its one of the ritual.

Abhi: don’t worry.. my mom have came to house. So i will tell that my mom wants to meet you and that’s why i took you here.. okay?

True love lives forever… (episode 1)


The episode ends..

PRECAP: Abhi slaps Arohi. Akshu shouts abhi..

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