The Two Soul ft. Shivi – Pandya Store (Intro)


so hello my beautiful readers. I am reema so form today ownwards i am starting writing  my Fanfiction on shivi which is based on star plus serial Pandya store

hope you all are healthy and safe

so lets start

Shiva Pandya (main lead )

Third son Suman and Darshan Pandya. He is short temper boy and his family is his priority . He is the owner of Pandya industries with his hard work he stand his own company. he has no interest in love at all.

Raavi shah (main lead )

Daughter of Prafulla and Jagat shah . she is cute silly girl . Her family is middle class and she do job in Durga corporation . she loves kid a lot . She is carefree girl . her aime is to never let her mom and dad head down. she is the most favorite of her dad .

Pandya family :-

Darshan Pandya :- father of Shiva and  head of Pandya family and he is also the owner of Pandya industries .

Suman Pandya :- w/o Darshan Pandya . she is loving and caring lady.

Gautam Pandya :- first son of Suman and Darshan Pandya and Elder brother of Shiva and use to run the restaurant which is famous in all over the Gujrat.

Dhara Pandya :- w/o Gautam Pandya . she is well educated and she is a house wife

Aarav Pandya :- son of Gautam and Dhara Pandya . he is cute and naughty boy .

Dev Pandya :- second son of Suman and Darshan Pandya and Elder brother of Shiva . he is a docter

Rishita  Pandya :- w/o dev Pandya and she is engineer and help Shiva too in his work

Manya Pandya : – elder sister of Shiva and she is professionally a dancer

Krish Pandya :- younger brother of Shiva. he study in collage . he is all fav.


Jagat Shah :- Father of Raavi shah and Head of Shah family . he is retaire proffeser of the school

Parfulla Shah :- w/o of Jagat and mother of Raavi shah . she is a housewife .

Dhruv Shah : first child of Parfulla and Jagat Shah and Elder brother of Raavi he also work in Durga corporation .

Siya Shah :- w/o Dhurv Shah. she is cheerful lady .

Pihu Shah :- daughter of Dhruv and  Siya . she is sweet n simple girl .

Gaurav Shah  :- second child of Jagat and Prafulla and Elder brother of Raavi .  He is a singer but not that big .

Kirti Shah :- fourth child of Parfulla and Jagat Shah and younger sister of Raavi . she study in collage

NOTE:-  shah family and Pandya family have no blood relation even they don’t know each other shah family lives in Mumbai and Pandya family lives in Gujrat .

hope you all like it if there is any mistake so please forgive me .


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