Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sargam Gets Out Of Coma

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Singhania family prepares for pooja. Sagar and Vinod touch Daadi’s feet. Priyanka prepares pooja thali. Sagar helps her. Veena calls everyyone for aarti and asks Sapna to perform aarti as she is the elder one after amma. Sapna performs aarti first followed by others. Anshul, Ashok, and Jaya join them. Daadi says she feels happy that her whole family is with her and prays god to get Sargam well soon. Maid informs Veena that Sargam’s condition is worsening. Family rushes to Sargam and finds her condition worsening. Veena cries seeing her condition. Doctor comes to treat her and informs that her condition is very bad and she needs shock treatment, they all should prepare god to get her well soon.

Family performs pooja for Sargam while doctor performs shock treatment on Sargam. Thapki prays god to get Sargam well at any cost. Doctor walks to them after treatment and informs them that Sargam is out of danger now but needs time to lead a normal life, so they all should be careful. Family rejoices hearing that, Thapki says Sargam’s whole family is with her. Veena hugs Purab and Thapki.

Purab sits beside Sargam and shows their childhood photos. He breaks down when she doesn’t wake up. Thapki walks to him. He blames himself Sargam’s condition. Thapki consoles him and asks him to show the photo album. Purab shows each photo describing each incident emotionally. Thapki says every relationship as its memories, especially brother and sister’s relationship, they realize the value of each other when they go away from each other. Purab says he failed to protect Sargam. Thapki says its not his mistake, Sargam had body issues like her and Rohit took advantage of it; they failed to understand Sargam. Purab says only Thapki could understand Sargam in this house, and he has to live with a guilt his whole life. Thapki comforts him.

Veena feeds food to Daadi and says she has to eat it for Sargam’s sake. She says she will take good care of Sargam. She recalls Sargam’s accident and thinks how could Sargam trust a wrong person. Daadi says Sargam is innocent to consider betrayal as love. Veena says Sargam must have seen her and Vinod’s relationship and didn’t want such a relationship, its her mistake that she didn’t let Sargam express her thoughts. Daadi suggests her to become Sargam’s friend and explain her mistakes as a friend, etc.

Sargam wakes up worried for her baby. Thapki tries to calm her down. Sargam pushes her away and says she needs to visit doctor. Veena and Purab console her. Sargam blames Thapki for informing family about her pregnant and insists to meet her baby right now. Veena slaps her and reveals that she lost her child in accident. Sargam asks Purab if mom is lying. Thapki says hope it was true and she woudln’t have met with an accident. Sargam cries vigorously hugging Purab.

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