Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Preethi Reveals Priyanka And Sapna’s Truth

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 4th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thapki tells Preethi that if she fears that she will be alone after going away from Sagar, she is wrong as they are all there for her. Purab walks to her and says both Singhania and Tripathi families are with her as she knows she is right, they know that she came under Sagar’s trap like Sargam came under Rohit’s trap, he couldn’t save Sargam but can protect his other sister. He requests not to ruin her life for Sagar who doesn’t value love and couldn’t be loyal to his wife. Thapki says Preeti deserves someone better than Sagar who can hold her hand in front of the whole world. Preethi recalls hiding their affair from everyone.

Sagar pleads Priyanka not to leave his house as he loves only her and punishes himself. He threatens to kill himself if she leaves him. Priyanka forgives and hugs him emotionally. Preethi thanks Thapki for protecting from doing sins and feels guilty for hurting Ashok. Ashok walks in and says parents forgive children’s mistakes and children’s duty is to accept their mistake and not repeat it. Preethi hugs him emotionally followed by Anshul. Ashok smiles and says everything is set right in his children’s lives now. Purab says everything gets well with Thapki’s loving thapki/pat.

Preethi apologizes Singhanias for the drama she did at Singhania house. Daadi says its only her mistake but also Sagar’s, so she need not apologize. Preethi says her sister Thapki is a pure gold who takes everyone’s blame on herself. She says she wants to reveal the secret today and says everyone at one point made mistakes in their lives; they know about Sagar and Purab, Veena didn’t accept Thapki. She says Thapki had informed Priyanka that she stammers thinking her as Veena, but Priyanka and Sapna hid the truth from Veena. She reveals Priyanka bribing her to hide the truth that Thapki stammers as Priyanka didn’t want Veena to know the truth and wanted Veena to be humiliated in front of all the guests. She says they all blamed Thapki instead.

Daadi slaps Sapna for trying to humiliate Veena. Sapna says Veena never did anything for her and always snatched her rights; she is an elder bahu, but Veena takes all the limelight. Veena warns her to stop speaking loud in front of amma. Sapna says Veena just earned money, but she took care of the house and bought up Purab like her own son; amma always supported Veena due to her money even after seeing Veena overpowering Vinod. Vinod asks her not to say that as Veena didn’t do anything. Daadi gets a panic attack hearing that. Purab makes Daadi sit and requests Sapna to stop now. Sapna shouts she will not. Daadi replies that their family wouldn’t have been together without Veena’s support, she has seen Veena crying whole night alone and going for song rehearsals in the morning; she supported Veena as she fulfilled a son’s responsibility by sacrificing her motherhood and earned money for the family, so why shouldn’t she support Veena over Vinod. She asks if Sapna would have questioned Vinod and says she made Priyanka a scheming woman like her and made her hate their famil. Purab asks her to stop or else she will fall ill.

Daadi gets a heart attack and collapses. Family rushes to her. Doctor tests her and says she shouldn’t be given tension and rest or else it would be life threatening for her. Thapki sends everyone out and requests Daadi to get well. Veena warns Sapna to stop her drama, but Sapna continues. Thapki requests them to stop at least for Daadi’s sake. Purab says its waste to explain them. Sapna taunts him that he was against his mother for years, but now is supporting her. Veena says that is because he knows what is right. Purab says even today he is not on mom’s side.

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