Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha helps Dev in winning a client

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Scene 1
Roma tells Krisha that you tortured Daksh when he was alive, you broke him down. Krisha asks if she has any proof? Kach recalls how he met Roma and showed her the video of meeting Vikrant. They both planned to take Kach down. The flashback ends. Roma says Krisha used to give injections to Daksh which made him irritated. Krisha says what are you saying? Roma goes through Krisha’s stuff and says she used to keep them in her red purse. Roma silently puts a red purse on her makeshift bed. Dev finds the purse and there are injections inside. Krisha says it’s not mine. Dev says stop lying, he says no one will support Krisha. You have become my helplessness but I don’t like it, he leaves. Jaya asks Krisha to stop hurting Dev, she says no one will show favor towards her from now on. They all leave. Krisha prays the lord to be with her. Krisha looks at the purse and says why would Roma bring all this up? Someone is plotting all this. I have to go to the office for now.

Krisha comes to Dev’s office and he is not there yet. Dev comes there and calls Lyla. She comes there so he asks what is Krisha doing here? Lyla asks her to read the note on her desk. Krisha finds the note which says that Krisha will stay away from Dev. Lyla comes there and says don’t come near Dev from now on. I am your boss so listen to my orders. Krisha thinks I can do anything for Dev. she says okay. Lyla asks Krisha to do as I say. Krisha looks on.

Krisha finds some kids playing with toys in the hotel. She says you can play holi with my friend.

Naina is angry for living in a small servant quarter. Minakshi comes there and teases Ugra. Ugra says why would Krisha give injections to Krisha? It means someone is setting Krisha up. Minakshi says we have got Naintara’s proposal for Aarav, they are from a royal family so we will get him married to her. They will have a royal baby so I will become a queen soon.

Krisha sees Lyla coming into the corridor and the kids throw colors at her. She screams. Dev comes there and says change your clothes as our clients are coming, she goes to change. Dev goes to attend to his clients.

Dev talks to the clients and says our hotel will be the best choice for your daughter. He shows them the arrangements and says we will take care of your guests. The clients ask what’s special about this hotel? Krisha comes there and says it’s not the place but the people that make it special. The marriage is about love so don’t talk about business. We will things memorable for your family. The clients agree with her and accept Dev’s pitch. They leave. Dev breaks a vase in anger. She asks what are you doing? Dev shouts at her to stay away from him. You tortured my brother and now you are making me mentally unstable. Krisha says I never gave any medicine to him. Dev shouts at her to stop it, you can stay in that mandir for all your life but I will never love you. You are making me go crazy. Please stay away from me, I don’t want to hate you so don’t force me. Just go away. He leaves from there. Krisha cries and says how can I leave you in this condition? You can hate me all you want but I will earn your love back soon. I have to find out why Roma is filling your mind against me.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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