Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha and Dev are on different page

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Scene 1
Raghav comes to Dev and cries, he says I can’t console Rati alone. I will need Ugra and Naina so I will shift to the servant quarters. Dev says I will bring them back in the house so don’t worry. Raghav thanks him. Dev says if you have done any mistake then tell me now. Raghav says I didn’t do anything. I promise you. I am a good man now. I think Krisha is still doubtful of me but I will win her trust soon. Dev says I am proud of you. Krisha comes there. Raghav whispers to her that if you tell anything to anyone then I won’t spare Rati, he leaves. Krisha comes to Dev and says Rati’s baby was killed by Raghav because he thought Rati is having someone else’s baby. Raghav should be punished for his deeds, I have called a press conference tomorrow so I can expose him in front of everyone. Dev says what? Do you have any proof against him? Krisha says I thought you would take my side. Dev says you have called the media and they will tarnish our honor. Krisha says you are worried about honor when he has done all this with Rati? Dev says I am here for Rati, I just want things to not leave our house. Krisha says what would we do with this honor when people are suffering here? Everyone’s happiness matters to me here. I don’t need to be a royal to feel a woman’s pain. You can’t hide Raghav’s deeds because you just want to protect this family’s honor. I will do the press conference tomorrow, she leaves. Dev says Raghav should be punished if he has done it but not in this way. I have to talk to Rati.

Dev comes to Rati’s room. Naina is there and says she is sleeping after taking a sleeping pill. Dev leaves. Naina says Raghav was right that Dev would come to talk to her.

Dev is exercising and recalls Krisha’s words that she will do the press conference at any cost. Vamika comes there and says you are burdened by your promise? She shows him the royal sacred thread that he has too. Vamika says I am also from a royal family so I know how it is to protect family’s honor. Sometimes we are against things but we do them to save the honor of the family. Krisha is a good girl but she is not a royal. I will talk to her and make her understand that she shouldn’t do the press conference. Dev looks on.

Scene 2
In the morning, Ugra and Naina come back in the palace. Ugra says Dev has allowed us back in the house. Jaya says your son was begging him so Dev showed him humanity but if I find out Raghav’s involvement in Rati’s accident then I won’t spare him.

Vamika comes to Krisha and asks if she can take food to Rati? Krisha thanks her and takes food to Rati. Vamika smirks and goes to the press conference.

Krisha talks to Rati and says I am with you. Rati says thank you for giving me strength. Krisha thinks I still have time before the conference so I should take care of Rati.

Vamika talks to the media and says I have come here to announce that my family’s business will combine with Dev’s business. That was the announcement so you all can leave. The media leaves.

Krisha comes to the conference and asks the guards where is everyone? The guard says Vamika sent them back. Krisha gets Vamika’s announcement video and says how can she do this? I called the media here to expose Raghav so Rati can fight him. Who is Vamika to interfere in our matters? Vamika comes there and says I am royal, we shouldn’t expose our secrets to everyone. A royal family is seen as exemplary so we shouldn’t expose our secrets to them. Krisha says what secrets are you talking about? Raghav should be punished in front of everyone, you are a woman but do you care about honor more? Vamika says you won’t understand because you are not royal. Krisha says if being a royal means a heartless person then it’s good that I am not royal. You might have stopped me from doing the press conference but I will make sure that Raghav gets punished for what he did. I will bring his true face out in front of everyone. You just see. She leaves from there. Vamika glares at her.

Rati wakes up to find Raghav showing her the DNA report. Raghav says look at this DNA report, it says your baby was with Aarav. Rati says this is a lie. Raghav says I know that but who will prove that? I have made another report which I can send to your father? Should I do it? But he is a heart patient and might die after seeing that. Rati cries and pleads with him to not do that. Raghav says I will think about that. Rati begs him to not send it to her father. Raghav smirks and says do as I say then.

Dev brings the police into the house. Krisha brings Rati there. All family members are there. Raghav glares at Rati. Dev tells Krisha that I think you are wrong, Raghav cares for Rati. Krisha says no, Rati told me everything. She asks Rati to tell everyone who is responsible for all this. Who killed your baby? Rati is scared and says I fell from the stairs. Krisha says tell them that Raghav pushed you from the stairs. Rati says it was an accident, Raghav didn’t do anything. It was my fault, I slipped and fell down. All look on. Krisha is shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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