Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 15th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Raghav kills his own baby

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Scene 1
Vamika comes to the family and says I know what game everyone will like. She brings everyone to the garden and shows them a rifle to hit targets. Jaya says I used to fire with rifles before but I haven’t shot. Vamika says you can always go back to things you liked. Jaya shoots at a target and it hits. Dev comes there and cheers for her. Vamika takes a shot and is about to fall down but Dev holds her and asks if she is fine? She says thank you. Dev comes to Krisha and asks her to take a shot, she says I don’t know how to fire and I don’t like it. Dev says then I won’t fire also. He hugs her. Vamika thinks this ordinary girl is ruling over Dev, he deserves so much better. She shoots again at a target and says I found what I wanted. Jaya says I always thought to share my hobbies with someone. Krisha is sweet but her hobbies don’t match with me. You and I have the same hobbies. Vamika says I want to challenge Dev for a chess match, I know he is good at horse riding and chess. Krisha says I didn’t know that. Dev says nobody can make me lose in chess. Vamika says let’s have a match tomorrow. Krisha thinks I will play from Dev’s team and make her lose tomorrow.

Krisha is looking around for Rati in the house. She finds some blood stains and follows them to find Rati lying on the floor. She is stunned and screams Rati.. She asks her to wake up.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Rati and she has lost her baby. Krisha says everything will be fine. Ugra taunts Rati that this baby was our heir and you took him away. Dev says she is in pain too. Dev asks Raghav to be with Rati. He holds her hand but she silently pushes him away. Krisha notices it. Raghav leaves. Jaya thinks something is wrong. Naina says Raghav is sad too, she goes behind him. Dev tells Rati that some things are not in our control. Rati cries and says I could have saved my child. Krisha says I am with you. Jaya says I think Krisha should stay with Rati. Dev takes Jaya from there. Rati recalls the flashback of how she was going up the stairs but Raghav grabbed her and says should I throw you from the stairs? Rati says you have cheap thinking. Raghav says I will tell everyone that you have an affair with Aarav, I will tell your father and he will be insulted. Rati says don’t say that. Raghav says this baby can’t come into this world as he is a bast*rd. He pushes her down the stairs and she had a miscarriage. The flashback ends. She tells Krisha about all this.

Raghav talks to Ugra and Naina. He says I thought you both would be happy that I killed this baby, he was not my baby so he had to go. Naina says what? Ugra stops her and says you did the right thing, Rati is shameless for having an affair. She hugs him and says this is the right time to bring me and Naina back to the palace. Use your tears and tell them that you need me and your sister in your tough time. He says I will do it. He leaves. Naina says he killed his own baby. Ugra says Raghav should never find out that there was nothing between Aarav and Rati.

Dev sits with Jaya, she opens a box and finds some bracelets. She says I got them made for Rati’s baby. We can’t change what happened but you have to take care of everyone here. She shows him the sacred thread and says this for the prince who takes care of his family. Dev says I am not a prince. Jaya says till Aarav doesn’t become a prince, I want you to be responsible for our honor. I want you to promise me that you will never let this family down and this family’s honor will come first to you. Dev promises her that the family’s honor will come first. Jaya says I am proud of you.

Krisha tells Rati that Raghav has done a heinous crime, you have to fight for your justice. Rati says but I can’t tell anyone otherwise Raghav will tell ill things to my father, he is sick so I can’t lose him. Krisha says we won’t let Raghav malign your name, I will bring his truth out. I promise that I won’t let your honor be tarnished.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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