Tears Of Love in The Night Of Pain – Bonding (30)

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Recap: Naira makes a plan to free Ranveer

Goenka House, Night
Sirat and Maudi are sitting in the room.
Maudi: Chori I never thought that Mukesh will go to the extent of killing you
Sirat: That cannibal is capable of anything Maudi. Im guilty as Naira ji had to tackle him for my sake
She hears a knock on the door and turns to see Naira with tablets in her hand
Naira: Medicine time Sirat
Sirat: Naira ji I would have come myself na
Naira: Arrey what formality, now come on have it
Just then Kairav enters the room with his painting
Kairav: Muma…muma….
Naira: Haan baby
Kairav: See I have made something for you guys
He shows the painting of Sirat and Naira to Naira. Naira is stunned to see it while Sirat can’t believe her eyes
Sirat: Kairav..je…painting….aap ne banaya?
Kairav: Haan Sirat ..do you like it?
Sirat: Jeh toh…..bohot koobsurat hai….
Naira: Kairav this is awesome beta. Im so proud of my son
Voice: Sirf your son?
Naira turns to see Kartik with Akshu
Kartik: Is he only your son?
Kartik’s eyes also fall on the painting
Kartik: Kairav….you made this?
Kairav: Haan papa
Kartik: Wow beta aap toh bilkul apne papa pe gaye ho
Naira stares at Kartik on hearing this
Sirat: Matlab Kartik ji you too paint like this?
Naira bursts laughing , Kairav too laughs
Sirat: What happened Naira ji?
Naira: Nothing (continues to laugh)
Kartik gestures her to stop but to his dismay Akshu too starts to laugh
Kartik: Waah beta….you three are in one team and Im alone
Naira: Haan we were together and you left us na
Kartik realises what Naira says and grows silent. Sirat blinks without a clue while Naira wipes her tears
Kartik: Naira yaar…its you who told that we wont talk about the past.
He pulls Naira closer. Tears Of Love in The Night Of Pain – Bonding (30)
Naira: Woh sorry Kartik…those memories still haunt me…those moments without you were hell…Sirat I know how much pain it causes, we will start our plan from tomorrow.
Naksh: We can ..definitely
Naira moves away from Kartik
Naksh: Kartik in order to start the plan from tomorrow we need to do certain things, Papa, Akhil Chachu, Samarth Chachu, Rohan and coach sir are waiting for you
Kartik: Lets go
He gives Akshu to Naira and goes with Naksh
Sirat: Naira ji if you dont mind can I play with Akshu for sometime?
Naira: Arrey what permission for this..take her
Maudi: Naira beta place her on the cot Sirat doesn’t know to handle a child
Naira places Akshu on the bed and sits there. Kairav is about to walk out
Naira: Artist saab aap bhi humare saath time spend kar sakte ho
Kairav places the painting against the wall and joins the others
Sirat: Akshu…akshu
She holds Akshu’s hands and sways it
Sirat: She is so cute Naira ji
Naira: Sirat..call me Naira …we are friends dont forget it
Sirat: Okay Naira..j..sorry Naira
Naira: Good thats like a good friend
While Sirat plays with Akshu Tears Of Love in The Night Of Pain – Bonding (30)Naira pulls Kairav to her lapTears Of Love in The Night Of Pain – Bonding (30)
Naira: Waise Kairav whats the caption of your painting?
Kairav: Shernis
Sirat and Naira smile at it. Akshu suddenly starts to cry. Sirat panics
Sirat: Naira ji..ye…Im sorry..
Naira: Arrey koi baat nahi hai..its not your fault
She takes Akshu in her arms and consoles her
Sirat: I don’t know how to handle …woh…sorry
Naira: Arrey Sirat nothing to be sorry in it. No one knows it until they have a kid…during the time of Kairav I made blunders. You learn during the time of your first child only, when your and Ranveer’s child comes you too will learn
Hearing Ranveer’s name Sirat gets emotional
Naira: Dont worry we will save him at any cost
Akshu grows silent, Kairav and Naira console Sirat and Maudi watches this with happiness. The scene freezes

Chauhan House, Next morning
Mr. Chauhan walks from Ranveer’s room and calls for the servants
Mr. Chauhan: Call the doctor, Ranveer is not feeling well
Servant: Okay sir
Another servant rushes inside
Servant: Sir a letter for you
Mr.Chauhan grabs it from him and opens it

Mr. Chauhan you don’t know me but I know all your dirty secrets. If you don’t want me to expose them then do what I say. Don’t consider this as a prank or joke because it is not.
As he fold the paper he finds something written at the back of it and turns to read it
Meine kaha na take this letter seriously but you didn’t right…then open your email and see my present for you
Mr.Chauhan rushes to his laptop and opens it to see a pictures of him with his illegal business partners and gets concerned
Mr.Chauhan : Who the hell is this?
He is shocked beyond hell and sits down when his mobile rings
Mr.Chauhan: Hello
Voice: Kya hua? Do you believe me now?
Mr.Chauhan: Who are you? What do you want?
Voice: First question is none of your business, second is my business. Take 2 crores and come to the address I message you by today evening
The call disconnects . The episode freezes

Precap: Shernis into action

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