Swaran Ghar 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran gets insulted by her neighbors

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The Episode starts with Swaran changing the house décor. She makes the board ready, Swaran Ghar, working women’s hostel. Ginni argues with her mom. She asks where will we stay, do you have anyone. She says find a house then I will come with you. Swaran buys some grocery. The man sees the neighbors and takes back the vegs. Swaran worries. He says no one is buying vegs from me because of me. Swaran asks the people to buy the vegs from the vendor.

Nimmo acts good in front of Nakul. Ajit calls Neelu. Swaran shows the board to Neelu and asks how is it. Neelu says working women hostel, are you opening a hostel here. Swaran says yes, I can get some money until I get Kanwal’s insurance money. Ajit says Swaran has a financial difficulty, I didn’t even know. Shorvori says Nakul had come to doctor’s clinic, he had food poisoning. Swaran gets hiccups. She asks Shorvori to come home. Vikram says I can’t come this time. Jessica asks why are you doing this, you don’t need it. He says Kiran is supporting Nakul, I will come when I get my share. Nimmo hears him. She asks him to have prasad. He asks didn’t Nakul come. She says no, agent also refused to us, our locality got defamed because of your mom. Ajit gets a peacock feather. He says Swaran should have told me about it, I felt insurance money had come and everything is fine. The peacock feather flies out. Kiran gets Nakul home. Vikram asks what happened. Kiran says he just had indigestion. Nimmo says I was so worried for him.

Nakul asks from where did you get this prasad. Nimmo says maybe your immune system is weak. Nakul says no, the oil wasn’t of good quality, try to understand. Kiran asks Aarav what is he eating. She sees the box. Nimmo says this same sticker was on the food box on Terv day. Ajit’s bahu comes to keep the peacock feather back in his room. She gets Swaran’s letter. She reads the letter.

Nakul asks did you get prasad from Ajit. Nimmo says no. Aarav says Swaran made it for me and said its special for me. Nakul says it means they are still meeting. Ajit comes and sees the letter with his bahu Dillo. She says peacock feather fell outside, sorry. She goes. Nakul says don’t know what he added in the prasad, no one will eat this. Nimmo hugs Aarav. Swaran says I forgot whatever everyone told me, you give this medicine to Nakul. Shorvori says don’t think you are alone. Swaran says I know, I have that also. Shorvori says wow, working women hostel. Swaran says yes. Shorvori says tell me, what help you want from me. Swaran says give this to Nakul and stop my hiccups. She sees the locality people at the door. The people argue with her. They question her about Ajit. Swaran gets shocked. They ask her how is he coming after Kanwal’s death when he never came before, we haven’t seen him. They ask did you meet him yesterday. Swaran says no. The man says you got prasad from his dhaba. The lady says you are having an affair with him. Shorvori says Swaran was with me. Swaran says don’t clarify to him. The people get angry on her. Swaran says don’t add Kanwal’s name to this disgusting thing, you just go away from here, you can’t raise a finger on Kanwal and my relation, he would have got upset if he was here, you all should be ashamed. The lady says you should be ashamed of yourself for scolding us for a stranger. Swaran asks them to leave. The people drag her outside. Nimmo asks Kiran to make sure that Nakul doesn’t come out. The ladies scold Swaran and insult her. Swaran says everything is a lie, you know what Kanwal means to me. They ask her to tell the truth to the media. Swaran says I don’t want to clarify to the media, I didn’t do anything wrong. The man says you have to leave from this locality. Nimmo smiles. Swaran looks on shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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