Swaran Ghar 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran gets insulted by Nimmo

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The Episode starts with Aarav asking Swaran to come. Swaran says he is insisting, will you take him. Shorvori says yes. Swaran says I m coming home to make prasad. Nimmo is waiting for Swaran. Swaran asks how will I make the prasad so soon. Ajit says the prasad won’t go waste. Shorvori asks Swaran to buy the prasad. She says its Matarani’s sign. Swaran goes to buy the prasad. The man says we are not selling the prasad, our boss asked us to just distribute it. She says bless you.

She gives a bangle and says give this to your boss to say thanks from my side. She goes. Nimmo and everyone are in the puja. Reporters also wait for Swaran. Nimmo looks on. She says if Swaran comes, then maybe Swaran and her sons unite. Vikram says Yug, don’t tell now that mum will come. Nimmo says she will really now. Swaran asks Aarav to sing a bhajan in Mata ki chowki, go with Shorvori, she will change and come. Aarav says you look good, come. She says go, I will come after you. He goes with Shorvori. The man gives the bangle to Ajit. Ajit says its Matarani’s blessing, nothing wrong will happen, it’s a new day tomorrow, everything will get fine. Ajay says yes, you did a noble work today. Ajit wears the bangle. Nimmo sees Swaran not coming. She says how can this happen. The reporters ask what happened, is she not coming. Swaran prays for Aarav. Nakul, Vikram and Yug pray that they get their shares. Swaran hears Kanwal’s fav bhajan.

Nimmo says I will see how Swaran doesn’t come here. She cuts some rope. Swaran sees the structure falling down. She shouts to Shorvori. She asks her to move Aarav. She runs to save Aarav. Nimmo smiles. Swaran pulls Shorvori and Aarav in time. She also holds the falling aarti plate. Everyone looks on. Nimmo taunts Swaran. Pandit says Swaran didn’t let the puja plate fall. Reporters and neighbors scold Swaran. Swaran says I had come to save Aarav and Shorvori. Nimmo says our puja would have got spoiled. Shorvori defends Swaran. Nimmo says you are blaming a little kid. Reporter asks Swaran to answer. The neighbor asks reporters to leave. He asks Swaran to leave, they don’t want her prasad and her presence, just leave. Vikram says I know your intention wasn’t wrong, you came here to ruin our peace, right. Everyone leaves from there. Swaran goes to Matarani. A flower falls there. She takes it. She says I will not fall weak. She cries and leaves from there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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