Swaran Ghar 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajit promises Swaran to stand by her

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The Episode starts with Ajit asking what’s the matter. Amit says you know we can’t go out and become a joke because of this pic. Swaran recalls the media reporters’ words. Ajit feels sad. Swaran says my sons have insulted me, I can either feel the defeat or learn something new and feel the victory. She stops at the ATM. Ajit is on the way. He sees Vikram and Nakul. He says you got that news printed. Vikram says it’s the truth. Ajit asks why did you do this. Nakul says you didn’t leave any option for us. Ajit scolds him. He says my son is going to lose the job. Vikram says take the name back from the will, its in your hands, we will take the news back. Vikram taunts him and says you shouldn’t have any problem if you are true. Swaran says I will remember the PIN. Shorvori says don’t tell it to anyone, not even me. She goes to the ATM. She sees the guard scolding Ginni. He says she has stolen someone’s card. Swaran says no, I know her, you both bunked the school, its wrong. Ginni says thanks for saving me from the guard. Swaran tries and withdraws the money. She laughs and goes to Shorvori. Shorvori says very good, I m very happy. Swaran says Kanwal would have got happy today, will you have icecream, come, we will party, I have withdrawn money myself, its Kanwal’s fav icecream, cheers. She cries. She says I won’t cry, else he will feel bad, it’s a big thing for me. Shorvori says Ajit and I are with you. Swaran says not Ajit. Shorvori says think what had happened with Ajit. Swaran says I should not drag Ajit into this.

Shorvori calls Ajit and says sorry to call at this time. Ajit asks how is Swaran, I was worried for her, I thought it won’t be right to call her. Shorvori asks how can she get fine, she had to get the death certificate, she doesn’t have the receipt. He says I have it. She asks him to get it. He asks how can I come. She says come to my house. He says fine.

Nakul and everyone talk about Ajit. Ajit comes there. The neighbors see him. Balbeer says Ajit has come. Nimmo goes to see. Nakul asks why did he come now. Ajit goes to Shorvori’s house. He gives the receipt. She thanks him. He says I forgot to give this. Swaran comes there and sees Ajit. Shorvori shows the receipt and says Ajit kept this. He says I was just leaving. Shorvori says I will just come. He says sorry. She says even I m sorry, whatever my sons did. He says there would be some way to fix these issues with your kids. She says no need, you don’t need to worry, I will handle this. He says the society will not let you breathe easily, I can tolerate this, but how will you, your kids have accused you badly. She recalls Kanwal’s words and asking her not to think of anyone’s words. Swaran goes home and sings the old song. She says Kanwal used to sing this house, Kanwal made this house by his hardwork, my kids called me mad and called Kanwal a thief, they have snatched his happiness, how shall I talk to them, this Swaran ghar isn’t just a house, our hearts used to beat here, it was Kanwal’s dream that kids accept the house, we made this big house and had no money to buy anything, not even a bed, we bought a bed for kids, we used to sleep on floor, it has many stories of our love. Nakul and Vikram look on. Swaran cries and says Kanwal sold his business for his sons’ future, he used to stay happy.

Ajit says Kanwal has put my name in the will and gave me a big responsibility, I won’t remove my name, I m with you. Nakul and Vikram come there and hear. Swaran says I had hoped that my children will return back one day, I didn’t know that they learnt to break relations, heart, trust and hopes, so I have also learnt this and broke my relation with them, I don’t want to talk to them, I will handle, you don’t worry. He says my small family is my world, I can do anything to protect them and their happiness, I will not run away from my responsibility.

Yug asks what was Ajit doing here. Vikram says they are meeting openly. Inspector arrests Ajit and Swaran.

Update Credit to: Amena

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