Swaran Ghar 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kiran misleads Vikram

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The Episode starts with Kiran seeing Ajit coming. Ajit sees Kiran and Nimmo. They hide the letters. Ankita gets Divya’s call. Divya asks about Dhillo. She asks how are you. Ankita says I m great. Dhillo says my honeymoon got over by meeting relatives. She says ask dad to call me back. Ankita says okay. Jai asks whose call was it. She says Divya had called, she is fine, but Ajit is staying in Swaran’s house, don’t know how will she react. Shorvori says I m on Ajit’s side. Swaran says you think I m helpless. Shorvori says when a man stands by a woman, then no one would ask you anything, did anyone ask you about sending letters to your pind friend when Kanwal was with you. Swaran says Micky got a bridal makeup contract, I m also going as her assistant.

Shorvori says now you have daughters, mum and daughter have such relation that you will stay worried for them. Swaran says I was worried even for my sons. They come home and see Ajit having his tea. Ajit teaches everyone to drink the tea in his style. He says the voice should come from the stomach. Swaran looks on and asks what’s happening here. Ajit says Shorvori ji, will you have the desi tea. She says yes, why not. He asks her to have it his way. She says sure. She asks him to not teach this to others. Ajit asks them to have it. Amber asks Swaran to have it too, she will make reels. Swaran says I don’t drink tea, I will have coffee. Ajit says we will have tea. Swaran says Micky, we have to leave, is everything fine. Ajit says she was tensed so we started this game. She says I m not talking to you. He says fine. Kiran says we didn’t get anything in letters, how will we prove their affair. Nimmo gets an idea. She asks Kiran to imitate Ajit. Kiran asks what do you mean.

Nimmo asks her to copy the handwriting of Ajit and make a letter, they will make stories and then their work will be done. Kiran gets Amber’s message. She reads… Swaran and Micky are going in some marriage to do a bridal makeup. Swaran asks Micky not to worry, she is there.

She asks Neelu to get curd and sugar. Ajit comes to wish. He feeds the curd and sugar to Micky. Shorvori and Micky ask Swaran to have it too. Shorvori says its good luck. Ajit feeds the curd and sugar to Swaran. Nimmo and Kiran look on and get angry. Nimmo says he couldn’t write anything good to Swaran in the letters. Kiran asks her to go in the marriage and create a scene. Ajit sees them. They turn away.

Swaran and Micky come to the wedding. They meet the bride. The bride asks will you lack things to make me look fair, my friend has sent imported cream to make me look fair, I want to look beautiful. Swaran says you are really beautiful, complexion doesn’t matter. The bride asks her to explain this to her relatives. Swaran encourages her. Ajit is at the dhaba. He gets a call and says the marriage will happen well, we will do our best, don’t worry. He asks the staff to work on the marriage order. He says I know Swaran, you don’t want my help, you can do all the work alone, but you don’t know what they can do, I will stay around you so that nothing wrong happens.

Kiran doesn’t think what to write. She says I have to think romantic and write. She writes the letter. Yug and Aarav come. She asks them to go out and play. The letters fall down. Swaran talks to Ankita. She asks did Divya come. Ankita says no, she will come after few days. Nimmo comes to the wedding and says I m Namrata. Swaran asks Ankita to talk to Divya once. Kiran asks Yug and Aarav to leave it, she will pick the letters. Yug asks why are you panicking. Nimmo says I have come from groom’s side. Swaran doesn’t see Nimmo there. Yug takes a letter. Swaran says call me when Divya comes. Nimmo goes. Kiran takes the letter and sends Yug. Nimmo hides and thinks everything will end now because I have come to create a scene. Kiran picks the letters. Vikram comes there and takes the pic. She says this is Swaran. He asks who is with her. Kiran says he is Ajit, did they get married, Amber gave me the letters, I missed this pic. Vikram checks the date and says its before mum and dad’s marriage. She says it means your mum was married to Ajit, she cheated your dad. He says what will mum answer for this. He gets angered.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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