Swaran Ghar 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran and Ajit get arrested

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The Episode starts with Ajit leaving. Yug asks what was Ajit doing here. Vikram says he came to meet mum. Nakul says its too shameless, we are doing right by printing that article. Vikram says its time to take solid action. Ajit stops some kids from bulling his grandson. He scolds the kids. Shorvori says you have done good work. Swaran smiles. Police comes to arrest Ajit. Ajit gets arrested. Police comes to arrest Swaran. Shorvori gets shocked. Ajit’s bahu worries. Shorvori asks who did the complaint. Inspector says Nakul Bedi, Vikram Bedi and Yug Bedi. Shorvori says they are her sons, how can they complain against her. Swaran cries and thinks of them. She gets arrested. Nimmo and Kiran smile. Shorvori cries. The media also defames Swaran. Swaran says I was wrong. She cries.

Ajit scolds Vikram, Nakul and Yug. Inspector asks him to calm down. The people defame Ajit and talk ill about him. Ajit sees Swaran. Inspector says we got you here for investigations, they have filed a report against you. Ajit asks what did we do, what’s our crime. Inspector says fraud, you conspired to make Kanwal’s sons out of his will, you have killed Kanwal. Swaran and Ajit get shocked. Inspector scolds them.

Swaran cries and says look at me and tell me that I have killed Kanwal. Vikram says yes, just you both were there at the time of his death, now you both are laughing and talking, we can see. She gets angry. She says I have told you everything. Inspector says I will question you, you have to answer. The lawyer comes and asks why did you get her, do you know law or not, you can’t arrest anyone without proof, do you have arrest warrant. Inspector says we called them for investigations, we will find a proof. She says talk when you find the proof. She asks Swaran and Ajit to come with her. Vikram asks how will we find the proof, they did the final rites, they didn’t let postmortem happen, who knows, how they killed dad, they erased all the proofs. Swaran slaps him and cries.

Swaran imagines Kanwal. She says you should have not left me alone. He says I didn’t go, I m still here with you, don’t think you are weak, I m always with you, my Mithi churi. She cries. He disappears. Ginni’s parents argue that Ginni has stolen the ATM card. His mum says Ginni had stolen the money, she would have got arrested today. Ginni says so she did my complaint to you, you are scolding me by listening to this woman, she is characterless. Her mum asks her to not make fun of anyone, maybe she needs that support someday.

Swaran comes home. The reporters question her about the affair. She sees her sons. The man says you should apologize to your sons. She asks who. He says to your sons. She walks away. They ask her to answer. He says I didn’t do any mistake, I can’t give them what they want, they don’t want this house, they want the money by selling this house, my house isn’t on sale, I won’t let Kanwal’s sign get erased. Her sons look on.

Precap: Swaran says to the media, I Swara Bedi is declaring that I am ending my ties with Nakul, Vikram and Yug Bedi.
Swaran says I will pay off all favors done on us Bedi Sahab and walks to Nakul, Vikram and Yug, gives them a wheelchair and 4800rs and says this was the price right. Vikram says Mummy. Swaran says don’t call me that.

Update Credit to: Amena

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