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The Episode starts with Ajit coming home to meet Swaran. Shorvori calls her and asks her to talk to tenant. Ajit says you talk to them, I will come later, take care, I will go now. He leaves. He thinks I had come to tell you a lot, but seeing your happiness, I don’t want to upset you, I can tolerate a thousand sorrow to see your smile. Nakul says Yug, don’t involve Vikram, he has done wrong by sending goons to beat Ajit’s son, is everything fine there. Yug says yes, I will handle everything. Yug sees Nehmat. Kiran asks all okay. Nakul says yes. Swaran and Shorvori talk about Nimmo brainwashing Swaran’s sons and the neigbors. Swaran says my sons aren’t little kids. She talks of their childhood moments.

Yug acts injured. He asks Nehmat to take his case. The people ask Nehmat to take the case, she is a lawyer. Yug says its okay if you don’t want to handle this case. Nehmat agrees. Swaran shows the video of her sons cheering her on her anniversary when she was upset that Kanwal wasn’t home. Shorvori and Swaran smile seeing the video. She cuts the cake with her sons. She recalls their rude words and the challenge. She gets sad.

She says now times got changed, I have to think of my third daughter. Shorvori says if you lose the challenge, then your sons can come home and then oust you. Yug removes the fake injuries makeup. Nehmat scolds him for acting. He says you are a better actor, you are not a lawyer, even then you are acting as a lawyer, does Batra know about your fraud. Shorvori also talks to some girls.

Yug threatens Nehmat and asks her to not come to Swaran ghar. He says call Swaran and tell her that you can’t come home, you know the charges of a fake degree. Shorvori says I will ask my daughter also. Swaran says yes, call her and ask, I got Nehmat, I want to find a third daughter. Yug says call Swaran now. Kiran says Vikram has sent goons to beat Ajit’s son, but Swaran didn’t come to fight us. Nakul says maybe he didn’t tell her. She says its true that they share their pain. Nehmat calls Swaran. Swaran asks when are you reaching, your room is ready. Nehmat says I m shifting to my friend’s PG, so I can’t come to Swaran ghar. Swaran says I m helpless, please come. Nehmat says sorry and disconnects. Swaran says she isn’t coming. Kiran looks on and says finally, Yug helped us. Yug says good job and smiles. Nehmat asks him to get lost. He says just remember one thing, don’t involve in my family matter. She asks are you really family. He asks are you really a lawyer. He leaves.

Nakul says good, you have learnt a lot, you are cool like me, so things get sorted with you, Vikram has no control on temper. Yug says mum will be at loss now, I have to leave for my movie shoot. Nakul says once we get the house, you can go to Mumbai and we will go to US, mum has to lose the challenge then see, she will ask Ajit to sign the will, she will open the door for us, then everything will be according to us, she just have 20 hours. Swaran thinks how shall I find two tenants in 20 hours, I will call Nehmat again and request her. She talks to Kanwal and asks him to solve her problem. She cries.

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