Swaran Ghar 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ajit warns Vikram

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The Episode starts with Ajit scolding the men. The man asks who are you. Ajit says I won’t spare you if you harm my son. He beats the men and ask who has sent you. The man says Vikram Bedi. Ajit asks Jai is he fine. Jai says yes, your face has got blackened. Micky says I got many orders for tomorrow, thanks to you. Ginni talks rudely to Swaran. Swaran corrects her. She says there is a lot of good things in this house, tasty food as well. The lawyer’s assistant looks at the house and thinks there are many secrets in this house. Kiran shows Swaran’s reels. She says I have done bad comments on the video. Nimmo says you write insulting remarks as I tell you. They see Nakul at the door.

The girl thinks I always wanted to come in this house, but when Kanwal was alive. Swaran asks Nehmat did you get scared. Nehmat says sorry, I didn’t ask you and came out. Nakul asks Nimmi what is she saying, how can she comment such a thing. Kiran says leave that, tell me, how much time you have to fulfil the challenge, we are trying hard that Swaran doesn’t find tenants, we are helping you. He goes. Swaran says that’s my new tenants, come, I will sign the papers. Yug asks Vikram to understand, he has to go to Mumbai for auditions. Kiran comes and argues with them. Nehmat looks at the Swaran ghar board. Swaran says your phone was left inside. Nehmat asks can I stay here, I was finding a good place to stay, can I become your second tenant. Swaran asks really, you want to stay here, I have no objection. She hugs Nehmat. Nehmat says thanks, I will get my things tomorrow. She leaves. Swaran recalls her sons’ challenge. She waves to Nehmat. Swaran says I got my second daughter. Yug scolds Nehmat. She says I m family lawyer, its my work to enter family matters, we work because of fools like you, you fight own mum. Vikram says we will prove that the will is fake. She asks him to find the old will and prove it. She says your entry is banned in Swaran ghar, right. She leaves. He says we have to stop her. Yug says I will see her. Ajit does the aid to Jai. Jai says I will clean your face. Ajit says no, I don’t want your hands to get black because of me, I won’t let anyone hurt you. Jai says I will always be with you. Dhillo asks who is he. Jai says he is your Bade Papa. Ajit says its me. Dhillo asks how did your face turn black. Ankita comes. Ajit tells a story. Ankita sees Jai hurt. Swaran comes to Neelu and says I got a second daughter also, Nehmat. Nimmo says its good. Swaran says I was scared, I m feeling good now. Neelu asks how will you find a third daughter. Swaran says Shorvori is also finding. She talks on call to arrange another tenant. Neelu says you will find someone soon. Swaran gets a call. The lady asks did you put that video, what do you want to prove by keeping strangers home after ousting your sons. Dhillo says I don’t want to go to Nanu. Ankita says I m going home, I can’t tolerate this, Jai is so hurt, anything could have happened. Ajit says you don’t leave the house. Jai says let her go, if anything wrong happens with them, Ankita and Dhillo will stay in her mum’s house. Ajit says no, you will stay here. Ankita says Dhillo goes out to play, I stay scared that anything will happen to him, kids make fun of him. Ajit says its because of me, if I don’t stay here then everything will be fine. Swaran asks Neelu to keep the room ready for Nehmat. She says I will go and make food for Micky and Ginni. She sends the audio message to Ajit. Ajit packs his bags. He says I will go, tell the people that your dad doesn’t stay here now. Jai says no. Ajit says you know I m an ethical man, I know to keep promises and responsibilities, my family is my biggest responsibility, its better that I leave right now. Jai asks him to please not leave. Ajit leaves the house. Jai runs after him and cries. Ajit comes to Swaran Ghar. He stops Nakul and Vikram. He asks Vikram to come out.

Nakul asks what’s happening. Vikram gets down the car. Ajit says hit me, I want to see how much strength you have. Vikram says leave it, we are two, you will get beaten up. Ajit breaks the car window glass. Nakul asks what did you do. Ajit says Vikram has sent goons to get my son killed. Nakul asks what is he saying Vikram. Ajit says I have beaten your men and they took your name, until I m alive, don’t go near my family, if you try to do anything against them, I don’t need henchmen to do my work, I do my work myself, stay away. Vikram says fine, you also stay away from my mum. Ajit says Swaran is also my family, just don’t look at my family.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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