Spy Bahu 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal gets Sohail arrested

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Scene 1
Inspector says we have search warrant. Aarun says you are scaring the kids here. Inspector says seeing your family history we have the right. Yohan says what history. Shalini asks the media to leave. Inspector says look everywhere. We have to find him. They look around. The guest says police in your event? Aarun says they have confusion. Shalini says to Shail I got an idea to let you pay your 20 crore. He says how? She says trust me.

Sejal tells Tanhaji the room Sohail is in. They break the lock and go in. Yohan looks inside. Inspector says no one is here. H says sorry for the information. Sejal sees a window open. She says I think he ran from the window. Yohan says thank God he ran. Inspector says that terrorist ran from the window. Aarun says your information was wrong. We were trying to do good here for the society and you did this. Inspector says it was my duty. Yohan looks for Sohail. Tanhaji and Suryakant call Sejal. They say we sent police because of you and now this happened. Sejal says sorry sir. Yohan says on call I know Sohail will come back here. He knows no one is the city. I want to know who’s keeping an eye on me. Sejal collides with him. She says sorry sir, she’s about to pick his phone. He says don’t touch. He says why did you make me dance on the stage? She says for your better. Drishti says to Yohan let’s go. He leaves.

Sejal recalls she saw the same drum earlier. Sohail is inside. Sejal says someone is inside it. I can hear breathing. She says but I need to confirm. Sejal light fire around the drum. Sohail tries to come outside. Sejal puts a rock on it. She calls Suryakant and says I caught him. Come fast. He says well done. Because of you we caught this terrorist. we are coming. Sejal says thank you sir. I am so happy. I never thought I could get a terrorist caught. He says this is your second win. I know one day you will get that Yohan caught too. Sejal says I will do anything for my mission, my Fareed bhai. Did you find about him? Suryakant says we are doing our investigation. We might find him through Yohan. Sejal says I won’t stop until I find him. Police comes there.

Scene 2
Yohan drops Drishti. He says I should go back to school. Yohan might come back there. He says Drishti I forgot my phone. Let me come back. The police arrest Sohail. Sejal leaves. She says I hope I get that Yohan caught too so I can go back to my mom and dad. Meet my Bamba. Minal and Saras come. Saras says Sejal.. She’s shocked to see them. Bamba hugs her. Sejal says you all here? Minal says what are you doing outside this school? And your hostel. Sejal says it’s hotel. Minal says are you hiding something? Sejal says no no.

Aarun says our function was ruined my the police. The media took pictures all over. Shalini says dad take medicine. Krish says our hashtag Nandahaiperdhandahai is viral. Veera says get out. Shalini says there’s only one way to end this defamation. Aarun says what? Saras says to Sejal you left the hostel? Why when? She says the food wasn’t good. Baa says look at her drama. Minal says we could come. How is the new place? Minal says it’s very nice. You will see when you come? Shalini says get Drishti married. Veera says what? Shalini says this news will go out that Aarun Nanda got his daughter married along with 50 poor girls. You will be talked like an angel all over the city. Your emotional pictures will get viral instead of angry. Aarun says you’re right. Drishti can be useful this time. Veera says what are you saying? We can’t use Drishti. He says we are doing her a favor. People laugh at her. Shalini says I know a very rich and classy guy from a big family. should we call them? Aarun says yes. Shalini says it’s your responsibility to handle Yohan.

Drishti says let me call the boss and tell him I will get late my family is here. The car is gone. Saras says your boss sends car for you too? Sejal calls Tanhaji and says my parents are here. They want me to take them to my hostel. They will find out the truth. Tanhaji says that’s your problem. she says okay then let me take them to Nanda mansion and I will tell I am here to catch a terrorist and I am a spy. Suryakant tells his officers to not let the news of Sohail’s arrest out. Yohan will make a mistake looking for Sohail.

Scene 3
Yohan comes to the school. He calls someone and says Sohail isn’t here. We need to find him. He knows many secrets. Tanhaji says okay I will find a house with people. Give me time. Sejal says hurry please. Yohan comes there. He says Sohail is nowhere. He stops his car in front of Sejal’s family. Minal says you got so late driver. He says what who are you? Saras says we are Sejal’s parents. You are hotel’s driver right? Yohan says who Sejal who driver? Sejal comes. Saras says that’s Sejal and you driver. Minal says nice car. Sejal looks at Yohan in anger. Yohan says tell them who am I?

Episode ends.

Precap: Yuhan tells Sejal’s parents that she isn’t working in any luxurious hotel, but in a house as a servant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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