Spy Bahu 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan prepares for his mom’s death anniversary

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Scene 1
Veera says please listen to me.. Shalini says something was wrong with the food. Sejal says there can’t be anything wrong with the food. Aarun says you cooked? Where are the cooks? Sejal says I cooked with all my heart. The cook had to leave. Aarun says leave this house right now. You can’t do anything. Sejal looks at Yohan. She says I feel ashamed. He says get out. Sejal says now I get it. He says Veera hire another house manager. Shalini says I have an option. Sejal says you can explore your options but I will tell you who mixed it in the food. Yohan did. She tells them everything. Sejal says he wanted to ruin your meeting and kick me out as well. Aarun asks yohan were you in the kitchen? Yohan says you listen to others more than your kids. Aarun says to Veera you gave him money to listen to this? Did you even thought of discussing it with me? She says I am sorry. Aarun says for once I thought your heart has melted and my son is coming for me. But no. Thank God your mom isn’t alive. Yohan is taken aback. She would have been ashamed to see you stoop so low. She won’t be able to show her face around after all that you did. He leaves. Yohan leaves in anger. Sejal says food is God’s blessing and you didn’t do the right thing by mixing with it.

Koyal says I did all that you said. Shalini says investors mad, Yohan insulted, Yohan’s image ruined in front of investors. Koyal says Yohan will kick that Sejal out too. Yohan will be really mad at her. Sejal says do you like hurting your parents? Your mom paid you 8 lacs to come yet you did this. You are like those kids who can never get happy. No one knows what you want and what’s your problem. He says who are you to know about my problems? Are you Nanda house’s judge. Veera gave me money because you asked her to. He heard her talking to Veera. Yohan says I saw the jail for the first time because of you. Now I am accused of mixing something is food because of you. Your false accusations make me feel like.. He shoves her to the wall. Sejal says sorry sir. He says don’t move. Yohan throws darts. He says scared that one of them might hurt you? I feel the same when I stand in front of Aarun Nanda. She says sorry sir.. She’s scared. He throws darks. He says doubts, lies, hate that’s what he gives me and now your false accusations. She says sorry sir. A dart hits her sleeve. Yohan takes it out. He says next time I won’t miss my target if you accuse me.

Scene 2
Bamba calls Sejal. He says you don’t even miss me. You’re not my Sejal di. I heard mama and papa talking. You are changed. She says shut up. You are my real brother. He says if you love me please come tomorrow. I will wait for you. Sejal recalls her time with Bamba. She says I will go back home. Sejal hears Yohan’s phone ringing. She reads bhai Sohail is in the street. Sejal says he’s the same guy who did blast in Kashmir? She goes out. Sejal says I can catch them red handed. She thinks about what Bamba said. Sejal sees her family photo. She says I want to come back home but I want to fulfill my duty to my country and my previous family too. Minal calls Sejal. She says will you fast? You can talk to Jatin and break it. She says what fast? Minal says your MIL wants you to do fast for jatin. Sejal says I wanna come back home. She says Bamba isn’t okay. He said he knows.. He was crying. Minal says you love your family but you can’t ruin your dreams. He’s a kid. I will talk to him. Sejal says I miss you a lot. He says your family is your strength not weakness. What do you want? Sejal says I will fulfill my dream. We don’t give up on our dreams. Minal says that’s my girl.

Scene 3
Sejal follows Yohan. He does workout in the garden. Sejal follows him as he runs out. Yohan comes to a market. Sejal says he runs so fast. He stops at a cart and buys some food. He buys some garlands too. Sejal says what is he doing? He gets pooja things. Yohan taps on her shoulder.. She says you.. He says you’re spying on me? She says why would I? I came here to shop? Are you spying on me? I came to buy this. He says this boxer? Isn’t it too big? Sejal says no it cleans the best. I want a bigger one. Yohan leaves. Tanhaji calls Sejal. He says you are out of the house? She says I will talk to you later.

Veera gets the house cleaned. She asks koyal where is Sejal? Koyal says she must be asleep. Sejal comes and says stop lying. Tell me what to do madam. Veera says get the food ready in courtyard. Get sweets made too. Sejal says is there festival? She says it’s di’s death anniversary. Sejal realizes oh that’s why Yohan was collecting pooja things. She says once pooja is done we’ve to prepare dinner. I do this dinner every year so at least once a year entire Nanda family eats together. They never eat together. I will wait for everyone there. sejal says you have such a big heart. I will prepare everything.

Sher wastes all this drinks. Shalini says you’re not drunk and you won’t do this in senses? Shalini asks Sher what’s going on? What’s wrong? He says it’s my mom’s anniversary today. Today I want to be a son that mom wanted me to be. She says then I hope it’s mom’s anniversary every day at least you’re doing what I want. Otherwise you keep wasting time. How else would you become MD. He says stop it. She says that’s not what I meant. I am sorry. Let’s have breakfast and then let’s do breakfast. Krish eats eggs. Veera says Krish you’re eating eggs? I told you we will all eat together today. It’s your aunt’s anniversary today. We had to eat together. He says chill mom. I didn’t even know her. How can I sacrifice on my breakfast for her? Shalini says so wrong. Mom is right, we can do this much for our elders. Krish says wow drama. Omelete on your heels. Shalini says shut up. Veera starts arti. Yohan takes the garland from her hands and crushes it.

Episode ends.

Precap: Panditji gets angry seeing non-veg food for death anniversary. Yohan in tears looks at Sejal.
Yohan says this definitely a plan to ruin my mothers death anniversary and walks to Sejal and says you are behind all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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