Spy Bahu 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan saves Sejal

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Scene 1
Sejal comes home. Minal asks where did you go? She says it was work. Minal says you’re hiding something from. Sejal says no. Don’t worry about us. Minal says you don’t even talk to Jatin. You have no interest in your wedding, why are you so selfish? Saras says Minal.. Minal says you don’t want to spend time with us before wedding? You like working at midnight. We came here left our house to be here with you. All you care about is your work? Sejal says no mummy. Jatin and his family come. Sejal asks how are you? He says saw you, happy now.

Veera opens the locker. She sees the cash is missing. Veera is shocked. Veera says where did the cash go? Aarun didn’t take it? She says theft.. She calls Aarun. Jatin tells Sejal about wedding preparation. He says why do you look so upset? I know you care about your work. I know I told you there will be no pressure on you. Do you want to marry me? If you don’t want it, I will work something out.

Scene 2
Sejal comes to work. She says in heart this Yohan killed Sohail. I don’t even want to see his face. The maid says Yohan is calling you. Sejal comes to his room. she thinks about Sohail. He says towel please.. Sejal gives him towel. He comes out in towel. Aleesha says what’s happening here? Sejal leaves. Aleesha says stay away from this maid. She is trying to trap you. Yohan says she’s not a maid, her name is Sejal. She works for me, it’s professional. She says our wedding planner is coming. Let’s meet him. Yohan shouts where’s my 20 crore. Everyone comes to the hall. Aarun says my 20 crore is missing. He says to Shera this house’s security was your job. You useless man. Abhishek says when theft has to happen it happens even after all the security. I’ve seen many cases. Aarun shouts you and your dad.. You’re both useless. Stay away. I will do it myself. He calls the inspector. He says put knives in everyone’s throats and find my 20 crores.

Inspector investigates staff and family. Shera tells them he saw someone with a jacket going to the locker room. Aarun asks what did you find out? He says I have doubt on one person, Shail Nanda. Everyone is shocked. Shail is scared. Aarun says Shail? You stole my money? What else is left? Murder? Why did you steal it? Answer me. You can’t make 20 lacs, you stole 20 crores? He says dad.. Shalini says I saw someone wearing a hoodie and going to locker room. I followed and saw who it was. It was Sejal. Everyone is shocked. Sejal says what are you saying. I have no hoodie. Shalini says you broke a vase too. Dad get the finger prints checked. she stole the money. Aarun asks did you go to the locker room or not? Sejal recalls she was looking for Drishti. Drishti says I did.. Aarun says it’s her. She stole the money. Sejal says I didn’t steal. I went to take the money. I was following someone. I went to take water for Drishti. Shalini says why would Drishti send you to take water at 2 AM? Drishti says because I slit my wrist that night and then she came back. Why would she steal? Sejal says I didn’t steal. Shalini says you servants have eyes on other people’s money so your parents.. Sejal says enough. don’t talk about my family. She says I didn’t steal. Aarun says arrest her. Lock her up.

The police is about to arrest Sejal. Yohan says stop. Leave her hand. He says Sejal didn’t steal, I did. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says are you saying it in pressure? He says no I did it. We do business together. It’s our family matter. Please go. Inspector says but you were silent. Yohan says I forgot. Aarun says what do you mean? You were silent. This isn’t romance. Aarun says why did you take my money? What did you do with it? Yohan says I will send you complete calculation with accountant. Aarun says go from here everyone. He leaves in anger. Drishti says sorry to Shera on Aarun’s behalf.

Shalini says why did this Yohan save this Sejal? I am so mad. They see the closet door open. Shalini says my jewelry.. my gold where did it go? He says I told you my mom used to say things come back. Shalini says stop your mom’s philosophy. He says what else should I do against your plans? She says it’s better than sitting useless like you. He says really? What are your plans? Take money from those cheap souds and get Drishti married there? Sejal saved us then you wanted to kick her out. Now see. Please.. Then Yohan brought her back instead. Super flor plans. I stole my dad’s money because of you. But then you put the blame on Sejal?

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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