Spy Bahu 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal finds her brother’s name in Yohan’s list

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Scene 1
Shalini says to Sejal how much money do you want? Sejal says money? She says don’t do this drama in front of me I know middle class people like you. You knew Shail and I took money from Mrs. Soud still you defended us. Why? Because you wanted money right? You poor people do things for money. Sejal says having character is bigger than everything. It was easy for me to see you being named. But Drishti was so hurt already, if she got to know her brother and SIL did this she would get more hurt. Shalini says wow you’re so great? Let me get you a medal. You will wear this uniform from now on so you remember you’re a servant here. Servants are supposed to do their work not interfere in our lives. If you ever interfere in my matters again I will finish you. Get out now.

Drishti calls her boyfriend and says thank God because of that maid that engagement got called off. I was so scared. I thought I would lose you.. Hello I can’t hear. Abhishek comes to her room. Drishti hugs him. she says why didn’t you pick my call. I was so scared. He says see it stopped. I wouldn’t let this engagement happen. She says what if someone comes.. Yohan knocks on the door. He comes in. Abhishek hides. Yohan says what would you eat? Let’s go out eat something. Drishti says I don’t wanna run away. I want to face the problems. I just need sometime. He says I am sorry I couldn’t recognize him. She says it’s okay. He says I am sorry. Drishti says I understand. He leaves, Drishti locks the door. Abhishek says your brother loves you a lot. Why don’t you talk to him about us first. Drishti says he would agree but dad would never say yes. I don’t want to become anothe reason to fight between them.

Scene 2
Sejal sees her shadow in the water in uniform and cries. Sejal says third class middle class people? I just wanted to save Drishti’s life. She hears someone coming.. It’s Yohan. Drishti picks a pipe. Water splashes on him. she says sorry sir. I will stay three feet apart. She’s about to fall in the pool. Yohan holds her hand. He says saved.. She says yes thank you. He says no you saved Drishti. Thank you. He shakes hand with her. Sejal shakes hand with him. Sejal says its my duty. He says it was my duty as a brother and I failed. I couldn’t see his reality. I wouldn’t be able to forget that I couldn’t save my sister and you had to. I am useless brother. Sejal says don’t say that, you’re very crude but you’re a top class brother. He says you called me crude? She says no no.. She gets hiccups. He says you are very annoying but I won’t make your life difficult in this house anymore. She says thank you. He says don’t interfere in my personal life. I don’t like it. She says yes. He leaves. Sejal says I am here to look into your life only. You’re a terrorist and it’s my duty to spy on you. Suryakant calls. She tells him Yohan will let me live in this house now. He tells her the chip number and says try to find out if Yohan has it.

Scene 3
Shalini says to shail I’ve to kick this Sejal out of this house. Someone sends a gift for her. It has Shail’s photo with blood. They read if you don’t give money this week he will be in blood. Shalini is scared. He says how dare they blackmail me. I will kill them. She says calm down. Can’t we ask dad/

Shalini and Shail come for dinner. Drishti comes as well. Shalini says we got this proposal and we didn’t know they were such bad people. We’re sorry mom dad and Drishti. Drishti says it’s okay, we got saved from bad people. We can be happy. Aarun says how can we be happy with your useless handicapped hand here. He shouts. Drishti gets in tears. He says hold this bowl.. Can you? This proposal got called off beacuse of your uselessness. Shail and Veera try to stop him. HE says stay out of it. Drishit says it got called on because of me? He says yes no man can be happy with a man like you. What would go wrong if you accept his affairs? We would be preparing for your wedding. How long will be a burden on us. Drishti cries. She says I am tired of looking for love in your eyes. I’ve always gotten hate. My friends tell me there is nothing more pure than a father and daughter’s bond. Why don’t you love me like that? He says I hate you, your handicapped hand. It reminds me I gave birth to an imperfect daughter. You’re my defeat. I only like to win. Since you were born with this this hand you have been a curse only. When I see your hand, I can’t eat. Why didn’t you die before being born. Veera says stop it please. Drishti leaves in tears. Vera goes after her. Aarun says you won’t go after her. She will stop crying herself. What else is she good for.

Scene 4
Sejal takes Yohan’s protient shake from the servant and takes it to his room herself. Yohan is surrounded by many bikers. He says let’s come to the point. Sejal looks for the chip. She find a box. She opens it has some files. Sejal tries to look for the chip. She sees a paper Kashmir list. Yohan says I got list from Kashmir and it has names of all of you. You all know what happened to Sohail. He has disappeared. I don’t want the same happen to all of you. Kashmir is dangerous. Your training will happen here in Dehli. I don’t want Kashmir mission to fail. Sejal finds the chip’s card in the same box. She says so he stole the IUD chip from his dad’s company and give it for the blast. She takes it’s photo. She reads Kashmir list and it has a name Fareed M. Yohan says your names are in the shortlisted from Kashmir and you will be a part of this mission. Specially you Fareed. Sejal says Fareed Mirza?? My Fareed brother. She cries. She says I can get to Fareed through Yohan. Yohan says we will succeed in our mission. Sejal says I will find my brother through you and fail all your missions.

Episode ends

Precap-Sejal knocks on Drishti’s room and says I got your food. She doesn’t open. Sejal opens the door from her pin and sees Drishti has stabbed herself inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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