Sirf Tum 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer rescues Suhani’s respect

Sirf Tum 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a college guy telling Suhani that he had ordered coffee. Suhani checks and says you had ordered tea. Other guy says so much happened with her, she loved someone and married someone else. Other guy tries to flirt with her. Suhani asks if they want anything else with coffee. They order sandwich. Suhani leaves. She comes back and sees Ranveer standing. One of the guy runs seeing him. Ranveer asks the guy sitting, what he said? The guy says sorry and goes. Ranveer stays quiet seeing Suhani and sits there on the table till evening. Suhani takes the tray and goes inside the canteen. She closes the canteen and comes out. She sees Ranveer sitting on his bike and waiting for her. She starts walking. Ranveer follows her on his bike. Suhani reaches home. Ranveer also reaches home on his bike. Suhani asks what is his problem, why is he coming behind her? Ranveer says I will not leave you, until you learn to fight your own war. Suhani recalls Mishra ji’s words and goes inside. Next day, Ranveer comes to the canteen and asks Mishra ji about Suhani. Mishra ji asks if anyone leaves job in a day. Ranveer asks why? Ansh comes there and says due to you, and asks why you are behind her and why you aren’t letting her take breath. He says she has left job due to you and says if she don’t do job then how she will get money for rent and household expenses. Ranveer goes from there. Rishi comes to Ansh and tells that second year student saw Ranveer riding your bike. Ansh gets angry on him and comes home. He sees Ranveer counting money standing outside the house. He asks where is my bike? I have to come by bus. Ranveer says I have sold your bike and asks him to get habitual. He asks him to run house with the money and search for the job. Ansh asks if you are mad to sell my bike. Ranveer says I could have sold myself for Suhani’s studies. He says you shall buy the bike, when you have money. Ansh says Suhani will suffer as she has to go by bus with me. Ranveer says I will drop Suhani home and says he has nothing to do with him. Suhani hears them.

Ranveer comes to the kitchen and asks Suhani to continue cooking and asks if she wants to masterchef or doctor. He asks if you have decided finally and says it seems I have to start your training here, in the kitchen. Sirf Tum plays….He holds her hand. Suhani serves something in the plate. Ranveer makes an incision on the tomato and teach her how to do sutures on it. Suhani tries it. Ranveer asks where is she thinking to do job? Suhani says she got a job in travel agency. Ranveer says it is a very bad job and tells that no girl shall do job there. Suhani says that’s why I don’t want to tell you, and tells that even your reputation is not good. She says I will work there and don’t want your interference. She says I am talking to you and asks if he heard. Ranveer says ok, and tells her that last knot will be square knot.

Suhani is in the travel agency and tells herself that she has to do job to earn money. The employer comes there and asks her to open the first button, as it is not matching with the dress. Suhani says I am not comfortable in this dress and says let me wear my dress. Employer reminds her that she has signed the contract in which it was written clearly that she will respect the company policies. He asks her to smile. Some men come to Suhani and asks her to book tickets for them. The employer signs her to smile. Suhani smiles and asks where they want to go. They say Singapore. One of the customer holds her hand. Suhani gets teary eyes and looks at Ranveer standing, says it will be bad if you don’t go from here. Employer asks the customers to book the tickets. The customer asks for her name. Ranveer comes there and holds the customer’s hand, asks Suhani to change her dress, and until then he will tell her name, address and everything.

Suhani goes to change her clothes and returns to see all the customers beaten up and fallen down. And the boss holding the board that all girls are his sisters. Suhani smiles. Ranveer asks Suhani to do job in the canteen and tells that he will not come there. They leave. Asha tells Suhani that she shall do job in canteen and it is safe. Suhani massages her hair. Asha also massages her hair and asks her to concentrate on her studies and do canteen job. She praises Ranveer. Suhani rests on Asha’s lap.

Precap: Rakesh sees Suhani with Ranveer in the playground and brings her home, asking her not to cross the line else she will see his dead face. Ranveer pours the oil on the door and lights it on fire. He frees Suhani from Rakesh’s house and takes her out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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